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One month left for a beautiful festival ”Diwali”. A celebration of Lights! From shopping of clothing to sweets and from cleaning our homes to doing pooja, we celebrate everything with full enthusiasm. And the most important thing which starts almost one or two months before Diwali is ‘Cleaning.’ Because ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness.’ And, here in this article, I will be sharing with you the Cleaning essentials to make your diwali cleaning faster, easier and more simple and enjoyable.

Cleaning our homes has a great significance on Diwali as the objective of the festival is to welcome Goddess Laxmi to bring wealth, health and prosperity in our lives. And God will more likely enter the clean homes. Moreover, we Indians consider our guest as a GOD, and during celebrations, we welcome our guests more often. So cleaning is a must. It is essential to give your guests, a cleaning and welcoming environment. And of course, cleanliness provides good vibes and positivity to our homes.

List of Diwali Cleaning Essentials


Bucket Spin Mop



I know its hard to bend to rinse the ordinary mop and to clean the floors, that too very frequently after each pass. And when you are in a hurry or any health issues like back pain, this bucket spin mop is going to help you. It is a bit costly but one of the best cleaning essentials so far. So, certainly worth buying for once seeing its benefits and advantages. It comes with a bucket to soak the mop, rinse it and squeeze it very easily without hurting your wrist. Plus it has a drain hole to drain the water quickly and a soap dispenser to store the cleaner.

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Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning Essentials

Diwali is the occasion when we do an extensive cleaning of our house. It is the time when we clean all nooks and corners of the house and make sure all our furniture is clean. Manual cleaning at all places is not easy, especially cleaning narrow spaces like under the beds, mattresses and small openings of your sofa. Cleaning your house with a vacuum cleaner can save you time and energy and can achieve better cleaning. It is better to buy vacuum cleaner suitable for dry and wet cleaning.

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Sponge Wipes


These are my favourite because it absorbs almost every dirt and liquid very quickly and it is effortless to wash. You can use it to clean the bathroom shelves, kitchen shelves or as a dusting tool for your bed corners, tables, chairs, etc. If you are spending on well-branded wipes like scotch brite, it can last for three months at least. The best thing about these wipes is that you don’t have to worry about odour which usually stays in ordinary cloth cleaner. Moreover, they don’t leave behind any water or finger marks to the surface.

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Cleaning Essentials

Having children at home spilling food grains, or simply there are many windows in your home which helps dust to enter in your house? No worries, your partner is with you to clean the floors thoroughly. Get this no dust broom instead of grass broom as it has synthetic fibre bristles which leave no broken grass everywhere as regular broom does in the first few days. And it lasts three times longer than usual grass broom. The best thing is that it is washable and delivers superb cleaning performance.

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Flexible Cleaning Duster

I loved this product when I first saw it because the most excellent thing about this is that you can easily fold and extend it to clean the things which are out of your reach. So, no need to climb on ladders or chairs to reach the ceilings and fan. Plus, this duster is removable and can be washed in a washing machine or with hands. It is soft, super absorber and quick-drying duster. And these qualities make it one of the best cleaning essentials.

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Silicone Glove

cleaning essentials

Its time to replace your old brushes with these silicon gloves. Silicon gloves come with attached brushes on it with which you can clean kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, floor and also give an intense pressure to remove the hard stains with ease. The brushes create more foam and very soft that you do not have to worry about damaging the things you are cleaning. Moreover, they are easy to clean. You only have to rinse them in running water and dry them by hanging.

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Window Glass Wipe

cleaning essentials

Cleaning windows from outside and that too of upper floors is the most challenging task, but a necessary part again. So, this window glass wipe is the saviour and one of the best cleaning essentials. With the help of this glass wipe, you can clean windows while staying indoors. It has a strong absorption force, and due to its triangular design, you can easily tidy up the corners of the glass windows.

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Rechargeable Spin Cleaner

cleaning essentials

Once you get this product home, you will definitely thank me and say, “I finally found an easier way to clean my home”. Yes! This is true. This rechargeable cleaner has three spin scrubber brushes, which are useful in cleaning floors, sink, corners, counters, windows and much more. It has the extendable arm, so you do not have to bend or use a ladder to reach anywhere. It is a perfect and powerful tool for making cleaning more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Floor Wiper

cleaning essentials

The wiper is one of the most important cleaning essentials for daily cleaning. Be it bathroom floor, kitchen floor, or your balcony, the wiper is required everywhere. And we clean our whole house with water during Diwali, so its always worthy of buying a decent wiper which lasts long. I would recommend you buy the wiper which is useful during the pull and push action both because some wipers are good at wiping the floor only when pulled.

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Cobweb Cleaning Broom

To stop forming cobwebs often, you have to clean them every week or as soon as you see them. Removing cobwebs is a challenging task because they are usually at the highest point of the ceiling. So, here comes the cobweb broom which gives you better cleaning experience in getting rid of cobwebs. Plus, it is extendable, and you would be able to reach the ceilings easily without the use of a ladder or chairs.

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Dust Pan

Dust Pan also comes under the vital cleaning essentials because of its usage. You will find the dustpan in almost every household. You can buy a combo where you will get a brush either small or long and a dustpan together. The dustpan is excellent at picking the dirt, and if you are buying it with rubber lip, it will be more convenient to clean and pick the fine dust particles. Moreover, it is small in size; hence it can reach anywhere under the tables or sofas to make your cleaning simpler.

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Cleaning Scrub

While cleaning your house, you must have encountered hard dirt stains on your floor. These could be rust stains as you might have kept big appliances in your home which you do not move usually or dirt and grease stains in your bathroom or kitchen. Removing these stains is very difficult; you need a scrub to remove these stains as it is made of rigid material and can remove these stains easily by scrubbing. I recommend triangular shape scrubber by scotch brite as it is very durable and can clean in corners due to its particular shape.

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Spray Mop Set

One of the best cleaning essentials I have come across. This spray mop makes the mopping very easy and convenient. You have to fill the water and disinfectant in the provided liquid bottle and whenever you feel the need for spraying water on the floor, press the lever and spread the water in front of the mop. The mop is washable and can be re-used several times. The best thing about the mop is that it has a 360-degree rotating mop frame, which helps you in cleaning all the corners of the floor with ease, without getting stuck anywhere.

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Spray Bottle

cleaning essentials

It would be best if you have the spray bottle handy while cleaning your home. Sometimes, the ordinary plain cloth is not helpful to remove the stubborn stains, and you have to use any cleansing agent to remove them. So spraying the cleanser along with the wipes or any other cleaning tool becomes the necessity. This is where you need to have a spray bottle besides other equipment. Apart from cleaning, spray bottle has many uses like ironing clothes, gardening, hair spraying, sanitizing, and much more.

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Small Brush

cleaning essentials
This brush is a little and attractive tool for cleaning dirt from narrow places where your hands or any cleaning tool are unable to reach. From narrow areas I mean, your keyboard, dirt stuck in sliding windows, frames or corners. It comes with a small dustpan which looks really beautiful and will be perfect for cleaning.

The Bottom Line

The mentioned cleaning tools are best, and one must own them to have a tireless cleaning. The tools and equipment will definitely help you in keeping your house neat and tidy. There are some products like white vinegar, lemon, castile soap, table salt and baking soda which can help you clean thoroughly and are considered as best DIYs to clean your homes.
I will certainly write another article on homemade cleaners so you can get help from it. They are pocket-friendly and all-natural products. Last but not least, please share your review in the comments section.

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