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Today’s modern generation is always in a hurry and wants everything in no time. But when it comes to health, you have to leave all the things aside and take care of its betterment. Fruit juices are one of the healthy drinks. But to maintain its nutritional value and extract more out of the fruits, you have to choose the right juicer first. Cold press juicers are the only one for this. And this article will help you by presenting the list of best cold press juicers under 15000.

List of Cold Press Juicers Under 15000

Cold press juicer is a slower system as it squeezes the fruits slowly, but they extract more from your ingredients. Whereas centrifugal juice extractors are heat-generating, this leads to break down of enzymes and vitamins faster. Now the question arises, how do I pick the best cold press juicer? So, to get an answer, keep reading!

Panasonic MJ-L500 Cold Press Juicer

cold press juicers under 15000

If you are looking for a hassle-free cold press juicer, then you should go for this. This product makes to the best cold press juicer under 15000 as it is easy to assemble and clean. Its highly efficient motor makes it’s juicing versatile as it can easily extract from hard vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts. The slow compression system increases the shelf life of the juice and prevents its oxidation and discolouration.

Further, it can withstand heavy-duty juicing as its juicing screw and strainer are made of very durable plastic. Moreover, it comes with a frozen attachment, juice cup, and pulp cup. It has 150 watts motor which operates at low noise.

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Agaro – 33293 Imperial Cold Press Juicer

cold press juicers under 15000

This multifunctional juicer can also prepare Smoothies, Slushes, and sorbets. This product is one of the best cold press juicers under 15000 as its plastic parts are made up of 100% BPA free plastic for safety purposes. Its large feeding chute enables you to extract juice in a single go, and you don’t have to worry about chopping the fruits. It features reverse function to get rid of the clogged pulp.

Its screw-shaped pulverizing auger yields most out of the ingredients. It is hassle-free and easy to operate, clean, and assemble. This product comes with three strainers and two containers and is very compact. This juicer gives you nutrition enriched thicker juice with real dark colours.

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Kent KC-SJ502 Juicer

cold press juicers under 15000

For quality purposes, Kent is a brand you can trust upon. This blockage free juicer is one of the best cold press juicers under 15000. This juicer comes with two separate filter screens for hard and softer ingredients. It also processes hard vegetables and nuts and gives you healthy shakes of dry fruits. This product has a 250-watt motor suitable for tougher juicing.

The juicer comes with a bin to collect waste making it easy to clean and operate. This cold press juicer generates significantly less heat preventing the nutritional value of the juice. It provides you with healthy fibre and nutrient-rich refreshing juice. Also, read my another article on best Mixer Grinders under 3000.

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Hestia Appliances Nutri – Sqeeze Cold Press Juicer


Hestia Nutri squeeze ensures you complete mastication process and yields more juice and dry pulp. Its high efficiency makes it one the best cold press juicers under 15000. The build-up material of the product is heavy duty and is of superb quality. It is effortless to assemble and detach. TRITAN plastic auger is more durable and squeezes more juice. You can also prepare ice cream by using its frozen dessert filter.

This product is one of the best lowest RPM slow juicer retaining the nutritional value of the juice. You can use this product for both domestic and commercial purposes. This is one of the super silent juicers, and can easily crush and squeeze harder vegetables, fruits and even coconut.

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Philips HR1887/81 Juicer

cold press juicers under 15000

This compact and modern designed juicer is best cold press juicer under 15000. Philips masticating juicer comes with quick clean technology. You can easily detach its plastic parts and clean it. Its parts are safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher. Its integrating drip-stop feature prevents dripping from the juice pipe. This product possesses a wide feeding tube with a diameter of 70 mm. You can simply add the whole fruit, no pre-cutting required. It is the best juicer, especially for leafy vegetables. This product is compact and is suitable for every kitchen.

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Balzano LDDC – 1507 Cold Press Juicer


This stylishly designed juicer is one of the best cold press juicers under 15000. This product enables you to yield milk from coconut and nuts. It can be easily cleaned just by operating it using water. It is highly efficient in separating juice and pulp in different containers. Its spinner speeds at 55 rpm, which is best according to cold press technology. It yields well grind juice maintaining its actual thickness, doesn’t add the pulp to it. You can prepare smoothies and ice creams using its frozen desert filter. This product comes with five years motor warranty and 1-year hassle-free warranty.

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Hi-Tech Slow Juice Presso Pro Juicer

cold press juicers under 15000

The hi-Tech slow juicer works efficiently and consumes less power with its 200-watt motor. This product is best at least and is most economical and best cold press juicer under 15000. This cold press juicer is elegantly designed. It features a feather touch LED control panel. It comprises options like salad, nut milk, hard, medium, vegetable and washing.

This juicer comes with both forward and backward function to prevent clogging of pulp and to make its cleaning easier. For healthy juicing this juicer works at 55 RPM speed. This product operates at very low noise and vibrations. It is highly efficient in retaining vitamins and fibres of the ingredients.

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Kenwood JMP400WH Cold Press Slow Juicer

cold press juicers under 15000This small and simple, easy to assemble Kenwood juicer is one of the best cold press juicers under 15000. This product possesses only a single filter, making it’s cleaning easier. Its silicon foot makes this product more stable over the countertop. For this juicer, you will have to cut the ingredients to a smaller size for its efficient performance.

This product is high juice yielding one, and the pulp left is very dry. It comes with a 1-litre juice container and 1.3-litre pulp container. This juicer has an anti-drip device and is compactly designed. Click here to know more about the immunity boosting winter drinks.

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Bosch Comfort Slow Juicer MESM500W Juicer


With its two fine and coarse filters, this juicer makes to best cold press juicers under 15000. You can choose the filter of your choice and prepare juice and smoothies. It is highly efficient to process hard and soft vegetables, fruits and nuts. It works at low speed of 55 RPM. Due to its slow speed, this juicer operates silently.

This juicer comes with a self-cleaning feature. You just pour the water, and its rotations will auto clean the appliance. It is designed of 100% BPA free plastics. It features LED light indicators. Its mix control lever enables you to control the pulpiness of the juice, and you can get pulpy or thin juice as per your requirements. It provides very high nutrient retention and low oxidation. You don’t need to deseed your ingredients as it separates them easily.

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Taurus Liqua Juice Pro Slow Juicer

cold press juicers under 15000

This juicer comes with double feeding mouth larger one for whole ingredients and a smaller one for small vegetables. Its one-touch electronic push buttons make it one of the best cold press juicers under 15000. It is easy to operate and clean. It features a reverse function for clog-free operation.

Additionally, it is equipped with food-grade silicone caps and comprises of highly durable and efficient PEI auger. It has inbuilt safety locks to unlock the feeding cap. This juicer has an inbuilt carry handle for easy handling. It yields high juice with minimum oxidation and maximum nutrients. This product provides you with two years of warranty.

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If you want to pack your body with most of the nutrients, then you should buy one of these juicers. Further, you don’t have to worry about the product to go for. You just know your requirements and select the one from the best cold press juicers under 15000. This list provides you with the best one and also lighter to your pocket. This is a list of budget-friendly healthy products which will provide you with real nutritional juices. They will be of multiple uses to you if you are dessert lover to prepare smoothies and ice creams. They may be slower and costlier but are the best ones for your health. Buy yourself this cold press juicer as “Health Is Wealth”.

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