Bedroom Items – Must Have (2020)

The bedroom is the most relaxing place in our home. No matter how hard or easy our day is spent, or how far we have gone on a beautiful trip, we get to relax only after coming back to our bedroom. And it is the only place where we love to spend most of our time, mostly nights. So, here are some essential bedroom items which you must have in your bedroom to give it a luxurious look with all the accessories needed.

Though there are no fixed directions on how to design your bedroom and make it perfect for everyone who stays there, I have tried to make this blog very informative and helpful for you all in organizing your bedroom keeping your style intact.

List of Must-Have Bedroom Items

Bed & Mattress


Bedroom without these two is not considered a bedroom. Though it was not a mentionable thing here, I would like to share a Vastu tip for the direction of the bed, if you follow such. So, South is the best direction to place your head while sleeping. And to get a good night sleep, the mattress is the first & foremost thing you will think of. Here is a tip; the mattress should not be too firm or too soft as both have their side effects and can lead to achy mornings. So, choose wisely.

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Just like bed and mattress, the cupboard is also one of the essential bedroom items. Proper storage in your bedroom is always necessary to store clothes, personal belongings or the precious jewellery in the lockers of the cupboard. We all know that Indians prefer to keep their treasured items close to them in their bedroom cupboards. If you want to have a durable item as the cupboard, go for the wooden one. You can choose two colours of wood to make it more attractive.

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Bed Side Table

bed side table

These are small tables with small drawers or cabinets. These can be used to store items at night time like eyeglasses, books, medicines or phone chargers. Top of the table can be used to keep the phone, vases and alarm clock. These are usually bought with a bed to match the design.

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Paintings not only beautify your bedroom but also affect your mood. While buying the painting for your bedroom, also make sure that the colour complies the paint of your room. The bedroom is a place to relax, so choose light and relaxing colours. It is good to spend on romantic or nature-oriented paintings to elevate your relaxing mood.

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Having curtains in your room is the best way to have privacy in your bedroom. Make sure you spend on the curtains which block the sunlight coming in and you can have a quick cosy nap in the afternoon. Plus, if you have glass windows which get colder in winters, there are curtains which keeps the room warmer. Also, you can spend on the curtains which you can quickly wrap and tie when you want to keep them open.

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What if I say, you can feel the bed even after stepping out of bed? Won’t that be a nice feeling? Yes, Of course. So, get such a fantastic sensation, place a rug near your bed, you can place on either side as well. It helps a lot in cold winter. You can also choose to place the carpet in your whole room to remove the footstep sounds. However, placing a rug with good colour texture is a better option as per me, as it gives your room a breathtaking view and your bedroom looks inviting.

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Pillows again, one of the essential bedroom items. Honestly, I cannot sleep without pillows. Mind it; I said Pillows, not a pillow. I use two. LOL! Pillows also come with many variables, and everyone has their requirements. So, research well before buying the pillows. Spend on the perfect pillow which supports erratic sleeping positions. Here is the one with a reasonable price and which I always find useful for me.

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Blankets & Comforter


Blankets to use as an upper sheet and Comforters as bedding are another must-have bedroom items for winters or to stay warm. They should be really lightweight and so soft that you feel the warmth entirely and have a comfortable sleep. Comforters come with beautiful covers which looks elegant when placed on the bed.

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bedroom items

You spend most of your time at home in your bedroom. Usually, you are in the bedroom when it is dark at night and brightest in the morning. So, bedroom lighting has to be perfect. You can choose colours like lavender and soft green for a soothing effect and lights shall be placed evenly in the room. So, illuminate your space in the cosiest way.

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Without a dresser, no woman will enter into the bedroom, I guess. Nowadays, Man too. Kidding! Honestly, dresser with a mirror attached is must-have bedroom item to get ready for a party or any function or in fact to get ready for office. If you are constructing a new home and there is no shortage of space, you can make a separate dressing room. However, if that is not possible and you are just improving your existing bedroom interiors, get a beautiful dresser that matches with your other furniture in the bedroom.

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Chest of Drawers


Chest of drawers is used to store small garments like socks, towels and underwears that you do not wish to hang in the wardrobe. They are available with 4 to 7 big drawers and can provide you with ample storage space. Top space can be used to keep lamps, indoor plants or artefacts. You can keep your laptop, first aid box, watches and other accessories in the additional drawers.

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Drawers Organizer


One of my favourite and most fantastic bedroom items. People who are all organized, keep their stuff well-organised. So, this organiser is worth buying for your cupboard drawers or a chest of drawers if you have one in the room. It reduces clutter, messy drawers, and you can find every item easily and quickly. It makes a great undergarments, socks, lingerie storage organizer.

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Set of Bedsheets


Not to mention, but Bedsheets are one of the essential bedroom items you would need. Though a prominent thing, but an important one. A beautiful and elegant pair of sheets makes your bedroom looks just fantastic and eye-catching. It would help if you consider buying very soft, attractive, yet lightweight sheets so everyone asks you about its brand.

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Pet Bed

bedroom items

If you are kind of a person who does not want to share a bed with the pets or maybe they don’t like to share it with you. Or you want them to sleep comfortably alone, but in the same room, you sleep. Then, the pet bed that matches the interior is another must-have bedroom item you should consider to buy for your bedroom.

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Air Purifier


With the increased pollution almost everywhere, the need for air purifier is rising. And you spend most of your time sitting or relaxing in your bedroom, so it is another one of the essential must-have bedroom accessories. To Inhale the fresh air and to reduce allergies or other respiratory problems, you should consider buying one air purifier for your bedroom.

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Table Lamp

bedroom items

Table lamps are suitable for focused light in a small area. If you want to read a book or use a mobile phone and don’t want to disturb your partner, a lamp is an ideal choice. They add a dash of elegance to your bedroom and keep the ghost of the darkness away. Moreover, placing a lamp on the bedside table gives your bedroom an elegant look.

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Portable Speaker


Sound in your room is equally essential to lighting and airflow in your bedroom. After a day of hard work, treat yourself with soothing melodies before going to bed. In addition to playing music, cloud-based smart speakers like Amazon echo can be voice-controlled to switch lights and other appliances when configured with these devices. So, I feel they are one of the most fantastic bedroom items you should get home.

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Tissue Box


You may find it an unnecessary item to place in your bedroom. However, if you have a baby, then it is a must-have and much-needed accessory to keep on your bedside or side table. So, it is advisable to keep wet or dry tissues always nearby. Moreover, you can use them when you don’t want to get up from the bed to clean your hands or face.

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Phone/Tablet Holder

bedroom items

If you like all your accessories to be organized and do not want a messy place around, then this product is worth buying. It is one of the beautiful bedroom items as you can keep your mobile or tablet on the stand when not in use. Moreover, if you are fond of watching movies, you can also place them on the holder and watch your favourite shows.

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Remote Stand

bedroom items

If you are fond of watching your favourite shows in your bedroom while relaxing, the remote stand is worth buying. Nowadays, TV has also become one of the must-have bedroom items, so, there should be a remote stand as well. You can go for a wall-mounted frame or the one which can be placed on the TV shelf, cabinet or the bedside table.

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White Noise Machine

bedroom items

If you get disturbed often while sleeping with a little noise of traffic outside or the snoring of your near ones, then this product is made for you. It is one of the fantastic bedroom items to have a peaceful sleep as it makes different sounds of soothing nature, fans, fountains, etc. and a great way to have a quiet atmosphere.

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To Wrap Up

To wrap up the blog, I would say, after getting and organising your bedroom with these items, I am sure you will have a perfect bedroom. There are ample of options available to get furniture or items that comply with the bedroom interiors. And in this blog, I have shared the best-reviewed items to make your search easier and quicker.

Please write back if you want me to add anything in this blog. Thanks for reading!

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