List of Everyday Kitchen Items You Should Have

Married recently and excited to set up your new kitchen? Or just bought a new house and want to improve the quality of utensils for a new kitchen? Or simply, you are one of those who want to stock up every kitchen gadget or Utensil even when you don’t find them very essential or don’t need them very often. In any of these cases, I am going to help you in making a list of necessary and everyday kitchen items which will make your life a lot easier.
Honestly, I am one of them who buys new kitchen utensil every time I go shopping. I am really fond of unique and attractive kitchen utensils or gadgets and feel the need for them always even if I don’t! LOL! So, if you are like me, this blog is beneficial for you to know the must-have everyday kitchen utensils.

List of Must Have Everyday Kitchen Items


Rolling Board

everyday kitchen utensils

To ensure even rolling of every kind of dough, you should have a rolling board. Though even rolling can be done directly on the surface of the kitchen shelf in modern kitchens, however, to maintain hygiene, it is must-have everyday kitchen item. They are also available in various materials, so make sure you buy the heavy one as it will not shake when in use and will be well balanced.

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Rolling Pin

everyday kitchen utensils

An elementary kitchen item found in every household to roll, prepare, give shape and flatten various types of doughs for making chapati, bread, pastries, snacks, and much more.

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everyday kitchen utensils

Tongs are basically our extended hands. They help us in grip and lifting Chapatis or any other food getting prepared on the stove without directly using our hands to hold the object to avoid burns. Tongs are of various types and materials as per their specific uses.

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Kitchen Scale

everyday kitchen utensils

The secret behind any perfect recipe is the proportion of its ingredients. It is imperative to measure proportions precisely to get an intended taste of the dish and that too when you need to prepare bulk meals. So, a digital weighing scale can help you to weigh your ingredients precisely and master the art of cooking perfect dishes.

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Pizza Cutter

everyday kitchen utensils

Only those who love pizza knows how important it is to cut the pizza in those perfect triangles without disturbing toppings on it. It is even essential to cut uniform slices when you are sharing it with friends. This pizza cutter is a must-have to cut home-cooked delicious pizzas. Not only pizzas, but it can also be used to cut other things in various sizes like pastry, burgers and much more.

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Oven Mitts

everyday kitchen utensils

If you like to bake cakes, pizzas and biscuits at home, oven glove is the must-have accessory in your kitchen. It is essential to handle hot pans and dishes safely from your oven so that you can enjoy your baked delicacies without dropping them on the floor and burning your hands.

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Zipper Bags

everyday kitchen utensils

These Ziploc bags can be used in the microwave, freezer, refrigerator and even can be cleaned and reused. They are one of the essential everyday kitchen items to use for leftover food, fruits, veggies, liquids and even more. Complete food storage pack to must-have in your kitchen to make your life simpler.

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Frying Pan


The most basic and everyday kitchen utensils are frying pans. They are available in aluminium, stainless steel, iron and Non-stick material. You can have them all for different purposes like preparing vegetables, and much more. However, if you are short of money as of now, you can only spend on the non-stick pan as it serves the purpose of every other material as well because there are some sticky items which are made only on non-stick pans like eggs, dosas, pancakes, etc.

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Measuring Utensils


Measurement is required to keep the taste of the dishes intact. So, if you don’t want to compromise on the taste, spend on measuring jugs, bowls and spoon to measure high volume liquids, the quantity of floor for the cake batter, or to get the exact amount of sugar/salt/baking soda respectively. These three are worth buying and are the essential everyday kitchen items.

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Vegetable Peeler


Because you are the master of the kitchen, you deserve the best quality and all necessary tools to showcase your cooking skills. Peeling vegetables, especially the one with long sized and potatoes, apple and much more using a vegetable peeler, saves your lot of time and make your life simpler. So, it is worth buying for your kitchen and comes at a very reasonable price.

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Knife Set


Though there are various types of knives available, two are the basic ones which you must have in your kitchen: a chef’s knife and Paring knife. Chef’s knife will solve the purpose of almost every type of cutting like basic cutting, slicing and chopping. A paring knife is recommended for smaller and more delicate cuts. You can also spend on bread knives which has serrated edges used to slice the bread, cakes or pastries.

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Chopping Board

everyday kitchen utensils

With best knives, cutting or chopping board should also be the there in your kitchen to cut your veggies or fruits or anything (obviously, the food items) on it. My favourite cutting board is of wood, an old fashioned one, but the best one as it has self-healing properties and it preserves the knives edges. However, the common boards material are plastic, rubber, wood and bamboo. You can go for any of these.

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A Must have an everyday kitchen item to wash vegetables, fruits, and draining out boiled pasta, macaroni, noodles. This stainless steel colander is the best as it serves no waste washing and draining. And it is available in three different sizes so you can use it according to the quantity. This product is excellent for your kitchen as it saves the cleaning time.

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Hot Utensil Holder


This utensil holder is your perfect partner while cooking, which helps you avoid hurting or burning hands. It assists you in taking out the hot utensils from ovens, microwaves or gas stoves. It ensures a good grip without damaging your favourite kitchen items. This is also one of the essential kitchen utensils which you should have in your kitchen.

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Glass Baking Dish

baking dish

So now you have almost everything to bake your favourite cookies or cakes. But where is the baking dish? Here it is. This glass baking dish helps you in baking, serving, storing and reheating. This baking dish is a perfect choice and the essential kitchen utensil to store and cook food in microwave/oven. You can just put the leftover food back in the same dish in the refrigerator and enjoy next day after reheating.



Though, Tawa is usually of iron and is used to prepare almost all kind of flatbreads like chapati, paranthas, dosas and uttapam. However, making dosas or dishes prepared from batter on normal Tawa can be challenging for some, as it is for me. So, I prefer non-stick Tawa as it does not let the batter stick to its surface and with almost no oil, you will have a perfectly shaped dish.

Tea Strainer

tea strainer

Almost every Indian is a tea lover, and tea with loose tea leaves is the most popular drink in India. Tea is an alarm clock for some and digestion improver for others. Every Indian has its benefits of drinking tea. So tea strainer is a must-have accessory for your kitchen to strain out the leaves and enjoy your favourite tea. It is recommended to buy tea strainer made of stainless steel as we all know the disadvantages of using plastic.

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Seive/Aata Chhalni

everyday kitchen utensils

Sieve is another essential kitchen item to sieve various type os flours like Maida, Aata and you can also strain juices, milk and other liquid items using the sieve. It helps separate the large pieces of food and gives you the required material. I recommend you to buy a stainless steel sieve as it has rust-free properties.

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6 in 1 Opener

everyday kitchen utensils

Rather than buying only a bottle opener, you should go for this 6 in 1 opener which opens jar lids, cans, crown caps, unscrew the tops, bag opener, and unseal the grip. This is a perfect gift to yourself and your cook and the perfect companion when on a holiday as it is very lightweight and easy to carry.

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Kitchen Scissor

Everyday Kitchen Items

For various activities like cutting cilantro, bread corners, fish and meat, food packets, scissors are frequently used in the kitchen. Kitchen scissors are usually made of stainless steel for food hygiene and long-lasting. There are some scissors available with multipurpose use like bottle opener and nutcracker.

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Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker is our real partner when we are in a hurry to prepare meals or boil veggies as it saves a lot of time in cooking those meals. Using a pressure cooker is a less mess and less loss of nutrients. Indeed, meals prepared in a pressure cooker makes a healthy choice. It will be the icing on the cake if you can use an iron material pressure cooker.

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I think every household have this kitchen item. However, many of us use only two sides of this grater, the one with the medium and large holes. So, next time, try using it while making potato chips to slice potatoes uniformly. Apart from this, you know it is beneficial in grating cheese cubes, ginger, garlic, cauliflower, carrots and much more.

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Aluminum Foil

everyday kitchen items

Aluminium foil is used for packaging food as it can be quickly wrapped around food and does not let light and air enter. This will allow you to keep food fresh for a more extended period when not stored in the refrigerator. It is best to use aluminium foil when packing food on a journey. You can make little containers with aluminium foil that can be used for baking purposes.

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everyday kitchen items

If you are mixing batter for your cake or beating eggs for your breakfast, one thing you would need is a whisker. It helps you to achieve homogenous mixing of solid and liquid ingredients that would not be possible with a spoon. It is better to choose a whisker with good grip and stainless steel material to avoid rusting.

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everyday kitchen items

Without spatula or kitchen spoon, cooking is incomplete. The spatula is one of the essential everyday kitchen utensils, which helps stir, scrape and taste. You can go for this beautiful nature-oriented set of cooking spoons which also solve the purpose of serving along with cooking. I always prefer wooden material items more in the kitchen knowing they are more hygenic and always helps you avoid burning.

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Stirring Spoon


The stirring spoon is another necessary item for your kitchen for mixing  drinks like iced tea, lemonade, coffee, milkshakes, and much more. They really look awesome and you can use them in your house parties or home bars for mixing cocktails. Further, instead of buying several spoons, spend on one which is heat resistant, durable, dishwasher safe as well as don’t scratch your cookware.

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Parchment Paper

parchment paper

Whether you are baking cake or cookies greasing the pan is necessary, and washing them is more challenging. So, this parchment paper works the same as greasing and eliminates the requirement of greasing the pan using oil. It also reduces the number of pans to be washed as your pan would come out clean from oven after baking. So, they are worth buying if you love baking.

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Lemon Squeezer


If you are thirsty for lemonade or your recipe calls for a dash of lemon juice like Virgin Mojito, this handheld squeezer can effectively extract every drop of juice out of lemon, holding away all the seeds. It uses the traditional way of squeezing lemon and retains the flavour of lemon in juice. It is not only worth it but also essential to have in the kitchen.

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Mini Chopper


A knife is considered as an essential kitchen item, but when it comes to chopping, it can be time taking task with a knife for those who are not very skillful at chopping. Even for those who can chop finely with a knife, knows the value of time. So, using a chopper would reduce the amount of work and time required for the job. You can chop all the vegetables, fruits and of course onions without dropping your precious tear. So, having a chopper is one of the crucial needs, nowadays.

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Mixing bowls

Apart from regular bowls in your kitchen, mixing bowls have its importance. To combine or to mix if ingredients, mixing bowl is required. It is helpful while preparing the batter for a cake or mixing ingredients for your favourite McCain and much more. Better buy stainless steel mixing bowl as it will be easy to clean and will form no stains.

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Sauce Pan

One of the essential everyday kitchen items is a saucepan. Though they are available in many materials like stainless steel, aluminium, I prefer the one with brass because the food cooked in brass vessels increase strength and immunity. You can prepare tea, sauces and boil water, pasta, macaroni and much more in a saucepan. And they are so useful that you will find at least 2 of the saucepan in every household.

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You may be having an automatic burner gas stove, so you might not need a lighter to turn on the burner. However, if you do not have an automatic stove, then lighter comes under the essential everyday kitchen items.

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Hot Utensil Stand

Hot Utensil Stand usually comes in stainless steel material. It is used to keep hot containers, i.e. when you have to place the containers directly to the dining table after removing from the stovetop, so the hot utensils don’t damage the surface of the dining table or whatever you are placing it on. It is worth trying as it can be used to place water pot as well.

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Saute Pan

saute pan

Without having a saute pan, how would you prepare vegetables? Saute pans are used to prepare meals where you have to toss the ingredients back and forth in the air. Moreover, the dry and wet meals with oil and more or less water in the dishes are made in saute pan.

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Kadhai or Kadai is suitable for deep and shallow frying. When you have to cook the food evenly in less time, you can use kadhai. Again, I would prefer the brass material for kadhai as well as it has a bit of non-stick properties as well. Not completely non-stick, but better than steel and aluminium one.

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Mashers are essential everyday kitchen items in almost every household. From mashing potatoes for delicious aloo -paranthas to mashing veggies for finger-licking pav bhaji masher does it all. Using a masher to mash potatoes releases less starch that would result in the dense and gummy mixture. If you don’t like cleaning a masher, then go for the wooden one which has no holes.

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Cutlery Set

cutlery set

A beautiful cutlery set is the first thing you need for a meal. Every home needs a good quality durable cutlery set to enjoy daily meals and another good looking set for special occasions. The selection of good cutlery set can make an everlasting impression on your guests. This beautiful set is worth buying to showcase your style to your guests.

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Utensil Basket

utensil basket
Organising dishes after washing is equally important to clean them. And obviously, we cannot store the wet utensils immediately at their respective places like drawers or cabinets. So, here is the dish drying rack which has a separate area to keep plates and bowls, spoon, forks and knives. Also, it has a drainage tray at the bottom, which can be cleaned easily by draining out excess water. And you will definitely love this rack once you get it home.

Dish Drying Mat

dish drying mat

I love this dish drying mat. And I feel this is one of the must-have an everyday kitchen items. It helps in protecting delicate dishes and does not damage tour white marble shelf. Also, It does not allow the water to spread everywhere in your kitchen shelf after washing the dishes. You can place the washed utensils directly on the mat, and it completely absorbs the water. Plus it has quick drying properties, so you have to squeeze it after every use, and it will be dried quickly.

Sink Organiser


Frankly, I was not aware of this sink organiser earlier, and while researching before writing a blog, I came to know about it. I have ordered one for myself as I found it attractive and beneficial as it has space to store all the things required for sink work like dishwasher liquid, soap, sponge, brush, etc. And who would not want to have everything organised while setting up the kitchen? I guess, No one, right?

Sink Drainer


Nowadays, sink drainer has also become one of the essential everyday kitchen items. It helps in stop clogging your kitchen drains, and you can easily remove the food residue after washing the dishes. All small and large particles are collected in the drainer allowing the free flow of water. It is usually of stainless steel to avoid rusting, and you can clean them easily under running water.

Kitchen Wiper

everyday kitchen items

Kitchen slab and sink tend to become messy, wet, and filthy after cooking meals due to a lot of spillages and while cutting the raw food items. So cleaning the shelf and sink is necessary to maintain hygiene. And, cleaning with a cloth every time is a difficult task, plus that cloth gets dirty and smelly too. So, spending on a kitchen wiper is worth it to clean the kitchen and keeping it dry.

Kitchen Bin


Kitchen bin is another essential item to put the kitchen waste. Instead of buying an ordinary dustbin, you can buy the hanging bin which can be hanged on kitchen drawers or cupboards. Moreover, they do not require much space, and you can immediately put the waste in the container after cutting or chopping of the veggies or fruits. You can also spend on trash holder wherein you have to hang the garbage bag, and that will be mess-free as you only have to change the bag once it is filled.


I am sure, with the help of this list, you can easily organise your kitchen with all the must-have kitchen utensils. And once you get them all, your life will be much simpler and you will start enjoying cooking meals and impress your loved ones with your tasty dishes.
Please comment below if you feel that I have missed on the essential item here, I will be glad to make the addition. Enjoy Cooking!

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