Best Xbox Console Under $400

You know, there are several options available in the market for different types of Xbox. It’s your duty to find the one that is right for you! What does that mean? The only person who knows exactly what you want is you, isn’t it? You are supposed to scan through the different types of Xbox available on the market and find one designed especially for you. Granted, your entertainment is essential, but you don’t need to break the bank. Work on a budget. To help you with your research, I have compiled here the best Xbox console. Let’s get started!

Now, you are probably wondering where to get an Xbox that suits your budget. We have you covered! I want to take you on an incredible journey into the beautiful world of affordable Xbox console. Here are some of the best Xbox console available on the market for $400. Good deal, right?

 Xbox One S 1TB Console 

xbox console


Here is the thing, the Xbox One S 1TB Console has over 2,200 games! What’s more, is that you can play over 200 games on the Xbox One. Ever wonder what it is like to play without losing your progress? The Xbox One S 1TB allows you to play anywhere and still pick up your progress on any Xbox One or Windows 10 PC. Another thing is you get to enjoy a month’s worth of 100 additional games right out of the box with a one month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial.

With the Xbox One S 1TB, you get to enjoy the highest quality 4k. This ranges from built-in Ultra HD Blu-ray and 4k video streaming. As if that’s not enough, get to enjoy all your favourite entertainment apps like YouTube and Netflix. The graphics that come with the Xbox One S 1TB are unbelievable! There is HDR technology, premium audio, plus fast and reliable online gaming. Xbox One allows your family members to use your Xbox under your control. How is that? You can choose screen time and content limits for each member of your family!

Microsoft Xbox One X 1Tb Console

xbox console


This console is undoubtedly the most powerful on the market, with 40% more power than any other console out there. All games both look and play great on the Xbox one X. There are however a few select titles that are Xbox one enhanced. This means they have higher resolutions, faster framerates, improved textures or other enhancements. Some games were made to be played on the Xbox One X.

Around 4k games like Forza Motorsport 7, Halo, Cuphead, Sea of thieves and Player unknown’s battlegrounds are a perfect match for the Xbox One X. Plus, the Xbox high dynamic range and wide colour provides brilliant details in light, reflections, and shadows. You also get to play with a network of gamers on the fastest, most reliable gaming network! 

Microsoft Xbox 360 20GB Console 


This is the original model of the 360 Xbox Console. It comes with a hard drive, controller and the required video or power cables. This means there is nothing much to look for. Please note that the hard drive must be at least 20GB. This space allows you to save your games, TV shows, music, movies, pictures and other content from Xbox live market. The Xbox 360 is capable of supporting HD graphics in 16×9 widescreen. It also boasts of anti-aliasing which allows you to enjoy smooth traffic with a movie feel.

What’s more, is there is also a multi-channel surround sound. You can enjoy this Xbox for up to 30 long hours on two AA batteries. It gives you a lifelike experience! You might wonder how? The vibrant characters display a depth of emotion, giving off dramatic responses to captivate you and immerse you into the game.

Further, you should note that this is a refurbished product. You should not worry, though, as it is designed to act and look new. This means that it is tested, inspected and repackaged. It is as good as any new product at a great price!

Microsoft- Xbox One S1TB All-Digital Edition Console 


Let’s go digital! Put aside the use of disks with this digital console. It does not play physical discs, so there is no need to worry about them! All the worry that comes with forgetting discs, scratching them or even losing them is dealt away with once you decide to go digital!

Games are downloaded already and ready to play when you are! Your games and your progress is stored for you, and you can access them anywhere anytime! Imagine that type of convenience! You can pick up from where you left off on any Xbox or Windows 10 PC. All you need to do is sign in with your Microsoft account, and you are all set! The simple touch of a button will have you streaming your gameplay on Mixer.

Another great feature is that the controller is wireless. It seems like the joys of this Xbox never end. Xbox just got a whole lot more convenient and fun! 

Microsoft 1 TB Xbox One S-Console

xbox console


When you get this Xbox Console, expect to get with it, a wireless controller, a full downloaded game of Forza Horizon 4 and Xbox game Pass plus Xbox Live Gold. How great is that? Are you a lone wolf or prefer being part of a pack? Either way, you are catered for. You can either enjoy the game alone or become part of a time. Get the chance to drive over 450 cars on your say to become a horizon superstar.

The game options will allow you to race, stunt, create and explore. If you are not playing the 100+ games, tune down, relax and enjoy streaming 4k movies. You might wonder how? You get to watch 4k Blu-ray movies and stream movies on Netflix and Amazon in rich, luminous colours with high dynamic range technology. Bonus advantage, you can pick up your progress anywhere on any Xbox or Windows 10 PC. This product is just a bit over the $400 mark, but I had to include it. Why? It is so worth it!

Xbox 360 4GB Console

xbox console


The first feature I will mention is the built-in Wi-Fi! This is gaming on a whole new level. What does this mean for you? You will gain an easy connection to Xbox Live & this wireless controlled Xbox 360 will keep you entertained with blockbuster games and HD movies. Plus, you can stream all these live, instantly because of the Wi-Fi mentioned earlier! Did I mention the sleek new design of this Xbox that comes as a matching set with the controller? It has never been this easy to store all your downloads.

The 4GB storage capacity of this Xbox allows you to do all that, and more. It has a total of 5USB ports to connect more storage options and accessories of choice. The battery life of about 30 hours on two AA batteries is a dream come true, along with a fantastic range of 30 feet. The Xbox 360 is Kinect ready and can connect easily with the Kinect sensor. Kinect deals away with the controller and gives everything a lifelike experience!

Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB 


My selling point is that this Xbox console has something for every member of your family. Everyone will find something to enjoy! You have probably heard about high dynamic range technology and don’t understand what it means. The colors you will experience when gaming and streaming 4k videos on applications like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon will be rich and luminous. It’s truly an out of this world experience! Here is the thing, not only does Xbox game pass give you instant unlimited access to 100+ games, new ones are always being added.

Now, you tell me how great that is! You can enjoy the interaction with friends and family on Xbox Live, which is by far the fastest and most reliable gaming network. Players you interact with can either be using windows 10, mobile and console. There is also the chance for you to enjoy other applications like YouTube, Spotify, HBO NOW, ESPN, and so many more!


This has been a journey into the world of Xbox consoles. You might wonder what the purpose of all this was? Simple. To show you what every one of these Xbox has to offer. Now you know all thee is to know about every and every one of them. How great is that? Now that I have taken you through some very the best affordable Xbox consoles on the market, it’s your turn now.

You might be wondering, my turn to what? Find out which of these wonderful Xbox ticks all your entertainment boxes. You probably got it, reading through this article. So, you already have your final verdict. You know exactly what you want and what you can afford, right? Now, what is next? Get it for yourself and enjoy all the beautiful things Xbox has to offer! You are welcome.

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