Dyson AirWrap Styler Reviews- Is It Worth Spending Your Money On It?

Want to have wavy, tangled hair with a glossy look? No one gets this feeling early morning. Everyone needs to work on their hair for such a look. Many of you have been using flat iron bars or other heating equipment that could turn their hair into the grass. Don’t worry; Dyson AirWrap is the way to stylish, curly hairs that could flaunt anyone without any risk of burning the braids off.

Is Dyson A Reliable Brand?

Dyson is a prominent brand with a good catalog of lifestyle products. The company is well known for wrapping the products and designing them in a futuristic and stylish way. This is the reason it makes the AirWrap look cool and cutting edge rather than something mundane.

Dyson has maintained an excellent track record in hair-friendly products because their products are easy to use. The Dyson AirWrap is one of them because it uses warm air to curl the hairs instead of using hot surfaces. The variety of styling attachments help one choose the extensions according to their hair.

What Is The Cost Of Dyson Air Wrap?

The Dyson AirWrap comes in 3 variants that come with a different set of attachments. The Dyson AirWrap Volume + Shape kit and Dyson AirWrap Smooth + Control kit both are available at a pricing of Rs. 34,900, whereas the Dyson AirWrap complete is available at Rs. 40,900.

In this article, we’ll be covering all the attachments of the product, i.e., we’ll review Dyson AirWrap complete. We have also reviewed Dyson V10 Absolute Pro Vacuum Cleaner, which you can check here.

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How Is Dyson AirWrap Different?

Dyson AirWrap sounds a bit expensive, but its design the styling make it worth the cost. The Dyson AirWrap works on the Coanda effect, where the “Styler creates a spinning vortex of air around the barrel,” and this barrel attracts the hair to give a perfect styling without damaging the hair.

It Promises

  • Damage-free, styled hair because of the Coanda effect
  • No burns on the scalp or skin
  • It takes lesser time and is user friendly
  • It makes styling your hair a cup of tea

Reasons to buy Dyson AirWrap

  1. Futuristic Design
  2. Hari-friendly styling

Futuristic Design

Dyson is a well-known brand for packing its products in a cool and stylish way. The company is a leading producer and is well known for its designs. The designs are both ergonomic in use and futuristic in appeal.

Same is the Dyson AirWrap, which comes with a classic tangerine leather container/box with velvet stuffed fabric holding various attachments, including 2 40mm barrels, 2 30mm barrels, a pre-styling dryer, smoothing brush, a firm smoothing brush, and a round volumizing brush. The whole packing looks exquisite and will appear to you like a classic LV bag.

Not only the box looks regal, but also the product inside comes with a tech angle. The Dyson AirWrap body is quite similar to the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, i.e., it comes with controls that help the user set the temperature according to their needs.

The body is embedded with 3 buttons, namely power button, fan speed control, temperature control. The combination of these buttons offers users to style their hair perfectly.

Counting on other attachments, they come with a special coating that prevents the excess heating of the gadgets. All the extensions are easy to install and uninstall.

Hair-Friendly Styling

Almost all of you must have used hair styling products before, and each one of you must know that not only the looks and appearance of the product matter but the easiness of using the product for styling the hair. The Dyson AirWrap does that for you with the help of a bouquet of attachments provided with the product.

Pre-styler dries your hair by leaving the right moisture or the barrels, giving perfect curls to the hairs according to your desires. The AirWrap does that well.

Moreover, the Firm smoothening brush gives a straight look to the hair, making you ready for the formal meeting in less than 10 minutes. The Soft Smoothening brush gives a similar look to the hairs leaving some air in long locks.

The Dyson AirWrap gives a hairstylist look to your hair. The attachments neither burn the hair nor damage them. The barrels, on the other hand, gave the hairs pleasant and satisfying curls. The barrels were challenging to use. But for those who are used to curling the hair, it would be an easy task.

Should You Buy This Product?

The Dyson products come inexpensive range but are worth their single penny. The Dyson AirWrap is the perfect styling companion for girls who like to hang out with their friends and family or go out for a party with styled hair. Its attachments make it a complete stylist and are very much easy to use. The right set of tools make you all ready for almost everything, whether it be a late-night party or formal poolside meeting in less than 10 minutes.

The AirWrap is set at a reasonable price, but it does not damage the hair, unlike other products. Its ergonomic and futuristic design, a host of attachments, and product presentation make it worth its cost. Moreover, if you know your hair type, you can opt for the Volume + Shape kit or Smooth + Control Kit, which could save you a lot of money. And it could get this lovely Dyson AirWrap in your pocket limits.

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Why Is Dyson AirWrap Always Out Of Stock?

This product from Dyson has been a sensational viral phenomenon since its launch of the product. Its high demands and needful approach make the customers wait in the queue/waitlist.

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Final Words

Conclusively, Dyson Airwrap is for those who are serious about hairstyling and spend a significant lot of time doing it. The product has a learning curve, and I would recommend coming to an in-store demo whenever feasible before making such a large purchase. The Dyson AirWrap may seem excessive, at least for daily use, for those who do not frequently style their hair except for special occasions. However, the product does deliver on its promises, and I appreciated the fact that it comes with a variety of attachments depending on the type of styling you wish to create.

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