6 Best Treadmill under 25000

Unable to continue exercises? Schedule demands time for self? Mirror is laughing at you? Need the feel of healthy and fit? Fascinating to look pretty?

WHY to be dependent on gyms? Why not go for your own personal friend TREADMILL who will not only make you fit but also give you your own time to be adjusted according to your schedule.

It is the best equipment which become as your gym partner at home so that when you found your schedule have time that must be filled with “ME TIME”.

Now, the main question arises which one to be preferred and which are just eye deception in name of product and what actually do different features meant.

Worried? But when I am here why to worry! I have researched over the types and what to be preferred and accordingly shared it so with you. Go for it.

Motorized running treadmill:

Motorized one is the most trending and comfortable to spend time on without much efforts. And among the motorized it’s your potential to go with running one or the walking one.

Motorized running treadmill

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Motorized walking and jogging treadmill:

Another type to be considered is the motorized one but comfortable for walking as not everyone prefers running over jogging. Keeping own forte with the fitness freak equipment is always make you feel “PERFECT”.

Motorized walking and jogging treadmill

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Manual running treadmill:

Talking about the motor power is for the comfort freaks but what about the taste and preferences of the one who like to push themselves level up and workout with their own strengths. So, for that kind of people best type is to go with manual one. Going for running is completely according to the pace they can give to their strength.

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Manual walking and jogging treadmill:

Manual walking and jogging is another form walk offered by equipment at your own limited space. Especially when we talk about walking and have no apartment to walk or jog nearby then this is the best suitable thing to carryout.

Jogger manual

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Foldable treadmill:

When we decide to construct home we never think of having such equipment at home so adjusting it in home is again another question as it requires enough space. But wait when we don’t have space we have another option of foldable treadmill. Yes, highly recommended foldable feature and mainly foldable which not only save space but can be shifted more easily then any other type from here to there.

Easy to store under desk treadmill

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Cushioning treadmill:

Most important feature to be given importance is the cushioning factor as running and walking on harsh surface can hurt your joints and also rough surface will bring chances to hurt more, preferring the cushioning is the best thing to value your running with safety.

Cushioning fitness treadmill

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Multifunctional treadmill:

Although treadmill is enough in itself as today generation is too much curious about doing exercises but they prefer to go with  one which have extra features or say some extra equipment fused with it. I personally recommend this type of machinery so that we can switch to few other exercises too.

all in one stepper jogger running pushup bar

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Comparison for best pick

Best alternatives when I compared the weight, motor power and other features I got the list which I am sharing with you.

Keep looking forward for having glance at the options mention.

Shortlisted top 6 treadmill with best features under 25000

From the above research I have compared the features and found top 6 treadmill for you and highlighted one is especially recommended.

Comparision for best alternative treadmill

Providing you the links so that you can reach to best one is as smooth as swift.



This model is suitable if you are going for less than 100kgs and speed maximum limit to 12km/hr.

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This model is similar to first one but if the person’s height is good then he must prefer this one as its running area is 1210*410mm which is more than that of previous one.

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This model is good when seeking for more than 100kgs weight and average height as its running area is 1125*440mm.

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This is the best for one with good height and preferring for weight more than 100kgs.

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PTM405M – 4 IN 1 MODEL:

Highly recommended model as not only best for more than 100kgs but have good running area with additional features of stepper, pushup bar, roller which gives individual a complete package in itself.

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This model is mainly for the one with having high intensity of running as its maximum speed limit is 16km/hr. and also it can go up to weight 130kgs.

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Adding to the treadmill types we necessarily required some tools along with the treadmill for protection which includes:

Treadmill safety key:

This is the most necessarily required equipment while using machinery it provides you safety from any unnecessary incident as it easily clamp and firmly holds the user and protects from the injury. Its magnetic effect and strong bond help to safeguard yourself.

Safety protection kit magnet key

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Treadmill mat:

For better grip of machinery and protection of floor for scratches and marks of it, mat are used for safeguard of floor.

Safety for floor from equipments

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While purchasing Treadmill few of the features must be considered which may include

#the range of user weight to be taken [under 135 kg is suitable for home buyers],

#cushioning surface,

#incline degree of the surface

#space available to install it


I shared my views and research with you, now its your turn to give your reviews. Waiting for your words in comment section.

See you in comment section. Keeping adding your thoughts.

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