Natural Hair Shampoo – Good Hair Is Defined By Hair Health, Not Texture

When you buy a shampoo, you get many products to select from, and it becomes hard for us to know what to use and whatnot. To help you choose, I am writing this article on the topic ten best natural hair shampoos to use.

Before selecting a shampoo, think once about what we want from it. Do we want to make our hair look soft and shiny, or do we want to remove hair problems? Either we want that for the long run or just for a short run. Does the shampoo we use need replacement or not? Do we want to make chemicals work on our hairs or natural herbs?

Chemicals make our hairs look shiny and soft for once, but in the long run, they can cause many hair-related problems like grey hairs, baldness, dandruff, etc. That’s why many people give preference only to natural products. Natural products can do wonders if used. But it’s heartbreaking that most of the famous and most used shampoos are not natural and consist of harsh chemicals which damage your hair. Even those companies which claim their product to be natural have used many chemicals.

Due to this reason, I have to write this article for you. Here is the list of some 100% natural, vegan, and free from harsh chemicals shampoos to use regularly.

List of Best Natural Hair Shampoos

Just Herbs Ayurvedic Soya Protein Herbal Shampoo

As the name suggests, this company has used just herbs in its shampoo, suitable for all hair types. It is specially made for dandruff control, and very safe chemicals are used in it. The product is certified organic. It includes neem and methi as its ingredients which help nourish and condition hair roots. Moreover, it has many benefits, including reduced dryness, control on excessive hair fall, prevention from premature greying, and repairing from damaged hairs.

It is vegan, natural, and free from parabens and sulfates. Also, it is suitable for color-treated hairs and has non-drying properties. Just herbs aloe vera wheat germ shampoo is also good to use. It is a bit pricey but else it’s all excellent. These qualities make this shampoo comes under the list of best natural hair shampoos.

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Juicy Chemistry Plantain Organic Dry Shampoo

It is suitable for all hair types. Its ingredients are certified organic. It is in powder form as it is dry shampoo. It nourishes the scalp and makes your hairs look shiny and soft. This shampoo has plantain leaf, which shields the scalp from infections, gives relief from dandruff, and soothes irritation. Bamboo charcoal has scalp soothing properties, improves blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens hair follicles, and promotes thicker hair growth.

Grapefruit in this dry shampoo gives a shiny look to hairs and is very beneficial for oily scalp. Lime has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, which treats dandruff effectively. It is a very effective and natural shampoo, but ensure you read directions before using it. 

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VilvahSTORE Goatmilk Shampoo for Dry and Frizzy Hair

This shampoo is ideal for damaged hairs and dandruff control. It can be used by anyone, whether one has straight, frizzy or curly hairs. It is free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, and harsh chemicals. Plus, it is built for dry and rough hairs. 100% natural and not tested on animals, this shampoo has ingredients like virgin olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, and cocoa butter, etc. which have many benefits.

It has a beautiful jasmine fragrance and is one of the best natural hair shampoos. With reduced hair fall, it will leave you with shiny and soft hair. Click here to check out the best natural face creams for this summer.

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Havintha Natural Hair Shampoo

This Havintha natural hair shampoo comprises just three ingredients: amla fruit powder, reetha fruit powder, shikakai pod powder, and nothing else. These ingredients are very gentle on hairs and resolve most hair problems. Most companies use these ingredients in their shampoos, but they also mix harsh chemicals with them. But this havintha natural hair shampoo includes just these three and is 100% natural shampoo.

It is in powder form and is very easy to use. Just take a bowl and mix this powder with water to make a soapy solution. Wash your hairs, gently massaging your scalp. With no side effects, it is suitable for all hair types. It is also cheap as compared to all others.

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MahaGro Herbal Organic Hair Wash

natural hair shampoo

MahaGro organic hair wash is a 100% natural hair wash with just eight herbs menthi, Brahmi, reetha, kapoorkali, hibiscus, shikakai, amla, bhringraj, and nothing else. It is a healthy way to wash your hairs, stop hair fall, prevent greying of hairs, remove dandruff and make hairs smooth and shiny. It doesn’t give a lot of foam but will surely provide clean hair. Most importantly, it is suitable for all hair types.

Use it twice a week for strong, shiny, and healthy hairs. It has quality ingredients and a low price. 200g costs 199 rupees. It has shown remarkable results to those who have used it. It is one of the best natural hair shampoos which you must try once.

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The Moms Co. Natural Protein Shampoo

natural hair shampoo

The moms co. Natural shampoo is packed with hydrolyzed silk protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, beetroot extract, and other natural ingredients. It has coconut-based cleansers and helps prevent hair fall, improve shine, strengthen, and moisturize hairs. It adds volume to hairs and is effective for damaged, chemically treated normal or oily and colored hairs. Most importantly, it is suitable for daily use and worth the price.

The shampoo keeps out sulfates, parabens, SLS, SLES, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, and other chemicals. It is safe for normal to oily hairs, curly hairs, and damaged hairs but is not suitable for very dry, frizzy hairs or hair fall caused by a hormonal change or other medical conditions. It gently cleanses your hair, giving you a very fresh feeling.

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Golisoda All Biotic Probiotics Shampoo Bar

natural hair shampoo

Made up of saponify edible coconut oil, probiotics, castor oil, almond oil, avocado oil, Brahmi, shikakai, and hibiscus powder, it smoothes damaged hairs. It adds shine to the hairs and also removes split ends. Probiotics act just like curd that reduce any irritation in the scalp and promote hair growth. It is suitable for normal hair.

Being natural and organic shampoo, it only includes quality ingredients. It is free from additives, parabens, palm oil, phosphates, phthalates, stabilizers, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, and colors. You may experience a loss of luster for a while as its cleanser takes place. But it is very effective, and you must try it once.

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Rustic Art Aloe Clary Sage Shampoo

natural hair shampoo

Vegan, natural, organic, cruelty-free, water-efficient and biodegradable shampoo are handmade with the goodness of coconut, bermudagrass, and wheat protein. Also, it is suitable for all hair types. It is thick in consistency and is a very hydrating and nourishing shampoo. This eco-friendly shampoo is one of the best natural hair shampoos as it makes hairs soft, shiny, and splendid.

Additionally, it is pocket-friendly as well as free from all harsh chemicals. It gives overall nourishment to hairs. This purely herbal shampoo is perfect in the long run. It is easily affordable and does wonders for you. Here’s how you can do a hair spa at home.

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Jeevanras Mukti Gold Hairwash

natural hair shampoo

Being suitable for all hair types, it is a 100% safe and natural hair wash. The shampoo is in liquid form and is most appropriate to use. It contains many natural herbs that are very beneficial for hairs and is GMP( good manufacturing practices) certified. It is a kind of ayurvedic medicine consisting of amla, Harar, coconut, shikakai, nagarmotha, rose, bhringraj, and many others.

Moreover, it is comparatively cheaper and doesn’t have salt in it. It improves the quality and texture of hairs and cures various scalp-related problems. It is a budget-friendly shampoo with outstanding benefits. Some hair fall and dryness-related complaints have come out, so do test it before use. Being free from harsh chemicals, it is a power pack hair wash.

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Earthy Sapo Handmade Shampoo Bar

natural hair shampoo

This handcrafted soap is 100% natural. It contains many ayurvedic herbs like hibiscus, aloe vera, reetha, Brahmi, neem, methi, etc., and sodium hydroxide and cold-pressed oils. Free from artificial hardeners, foamy agents, sulfate, colors, and other unwanted additives. It is mildly scented and made with a traditional hot method that retains glycerine in the soap. This vegan soap makes hair soft, shiny and treats many hair problems. Shikakai and Multani shampoo bars are good for oily hairs, and a handmade reetha shampoo bar is suitable for dry hairs.

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These were the best natural hair shampoos on my list. Being herbal and safe, these have shown the best results. But every shampoo is not suitable for everyone. So don’t get disappointed if one or two of these didn’t suit you. Do give chances to others to work for you.

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