Dashmularishta – The Only Solution To Your Postnatal Care & Staying Fit

I have been writing about Ayurveda and its products for many days as I feel it has immense benefits without any side effects. Here, I found another product, Dashmularishta/Dashmoolarishta, which is primarily helpful for women during their postpartum phase. This article will cover its ingredients, benefits, uses, side effects, various brands, and much more.

Most of us women face weakness, depression, fatigue, and multiple other health issues post-delivery. So, this product helps increase their metabolism and improves the supply of nutrients in their body. It is a blessing for women facing various issues post their delivery to regain their energy and restore their health.

About Dashmularishta

Dashmularishta has many names; Dasamularishtam, Dashmularistham, Dashmularishtam, Dashmularisht, Dasamoolarishtam, Dashmoolarishta. Various brands give the name as per their choice. However, the product is the same. It is a tonic derived from Dashmool; ‘Dasha’ means ten, and ‘moola’ means roots, i.e., it is made through the fermentation of 10 powerful herbs with potent medicinal and therapeutic values. It contains 3 – 8% of self-generated alcohol.

Post-delivery, women go through various body changes and experience health issues like Anorexia to postpartum depression, fatigue, and much more, and Dashmoolarishta helps them relieve these symptoms. So, the only solution for postpartum care is Dashmularishta. It helps eliminate bacteria and boost our immune system by acting as a digestive stimulant that increases appetite and reduces indigestion. It also helps in getting rid of menstrual cramps and during Menopause. One can consume it for infertility, and it is suitable for the reproductive system of both males and females. So, please keep reading to know more about its benefits.

Ingredients in Dashmoolarishta

There are approximately 71 ingredients in dashmularishta; however, the primary 10 ingredients are;

  • Gambhari (Gmelinaar Borea)
  • Patala (Stereospermum Suaveolens)
  • Kantakari (Solanum Xanthocarpum)
  • Shalaparni (Desmodium Gangeticum)
  • Prishnparni (Uraria Picta)
  • Brihati (Solanum Indicum)
  • Gokshura (Tribulus Terrestris)
  • Bilva (Aegle Marmelos)
  • Shyonaka (Oroxylum Indicum)
  • Agnimantha (Premna Mucronata)

Benefits of Dashmularishta

For Women

  • Female infertility, ovulation related disorders
  • Reduces swelling and gives relief in sign and symptoms of cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix/neck of the womb)
  • Maintaining a healthy female reproductive system and improving chances of conceiving.
  • It is also beneficial in pain during menstruation and Menopause
  • Dashmularishta helps in enhancing the milk production in new mothers
  • It gives relief in post-delivery weakness and helps the Uterus to regain normal size and shape
  • Most importantly, it is beneficial in general weakness

Persistent Cough

If you are suffering from a persistent cough and not getting relief, this tonic is for you as it promotes the secretion of sputum by the air passages treating the chronic cough. Also, it is beneficial in chest infection & throat infections. You can consume 10 ml of the tonic after every 2 hours until the cough subsides entirely and you get proper relief.

Relieves Mental Stress

Dashmularishta helps women in restoring their lost energy post-delivery. Not only it helps to restore the physical energy, but it also strengthens their mind and body. The tonic helps in distressing the women and improves their mental health. It works as a rejuvenator & provides psychological relief after the delivery.

Improves Immunity

Doctors usually recommend Dashmularishta to women to relieve pain and physical stress, which is caused due to huge physical exhaustion during the delivery. It contains an immunomodulator that helps women improve their immunity and physical strength after giving birth. Many physicians claim that if a woman starts it immediately after delivery, it reduces about 90% of health problems in the postpartum period or after that.

Men’s Health Care

Dashmularishta not only helps women but also works as a body rejuvenator & revitalizer for men. Males who experience low sperm production, having pus in seminal fluid or infertility issues can benefit from the consumption of Dasamoolarishtam and can improve their sperm quality.

Improves Digestion & Increase Appetite

Since the tonic contains mild astringent action, it reduces bloating, digestive disorders like diarrhea, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which are common issues most women face post-delivery. If they start consuming it regularly, it can increase their appetite and eliminate these digestive problems.

Lowers Backache

Dashmularishta has pain-relieving properties, so it will help new mothers in lowering the backache issues. Most women experience lower back pain and back stiffness issues post their delivery. So dashmularishta is the only solution for them to cure these issues.

Improves Skin

Dashmularishta contains antioxidants that help remove toxins from the body and help you attain healthy skin & bring back the natural glow. The herbs in it slow down the aging process and prevent acne & pimples. Moreover, it helps in improving the skin complexion & eliminating dark spots and dark circles present on the skin.


Dasamoolarishta has natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties due to which is beneficial to a person who suffers inflammatory diseases such as rheumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, and gouty arthritis. Furthermore, it reduces swelling, pain, and redness in affected areas due to its anti-inflammatory actions.

Dosage of Dashmularishta

The regular dosage is 12-24ml with an equal amount of water, twice a day after the meal. The maximum dosage is 40ml (divided into three doses).

Post-delivery, the women can consume 15 ml of Dashmularishta twice a day. Besides, the dosage can be increased up to 30ml, depending on the health issues of women who face weakness or breastfeeding.

However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before consuming this tonic. Also, read about another product, Drakshasava, that gives you a healthy gut.

Side Effects of Dashmularishta

Though Ayurveda doesn’t carry any side effects, we all know that consuming anything in excess may have some side effects. The same goes with the dashmularishta. Due to excessive dosage, it may lead to some of the following side effects:

  • Mouth ulcers
  • Diarrhea
  • heartburn
  • Excessive thirst
  • Burning sensations in the abdominal region

Suppose you have to consume it for your health concerns, and you face a burning sensation too. In that case, you should drink it with licorice (mulethi) or any other herb like coriander, cumin, etc., which has a cooling effect on our digestive system.

Further, as mentioned in the dosage section, we should consume it with water; hence, in some cases, the excess dosage without water may cause piles (hemorrhoids) or constipation due to spices in this formulation.

Moreover, it is safe in breastfeeding as it increases breast milk supply; however, pregnant ladies should consult their doctors before consuming it.

Dashmularishta Interactions with Other Drugs

Dashmoolarishta may interact with the drugs mentioned below:

  • Alkaloids
  • Anti-Platelet Drugs
  • Alteplase
  • Anticoagulants
  • Anti-Platelet Drugs
  • Ardeparin
  • Antidepressants
  • Antithrombin III
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Argatroban
  • Apixaban

Various Brands of Dashmoolarishta

Dabur Dasmularishta

Dabur is well known and one of the largest ayurvedic companies in India. Dashmularishta by Dabur contains Manjistha, Ashwagandha, Draksha, Amalaki & Guduchi, along with 10 potential herbs. It makes sure that the new mothers recover soon from their postnatal weakness and regain their lost energy. Additionally, it helps them to prepare physically to face the rigors of motherhood. Dabur dashmularishta also helps in improving their metabolism and increases the digestion power.

One can consume 1 to 2 tablespoonful (15ml-30ml) of Dabur Dasmularishta with an equal quantity of water post meals or as directed by the doctor.

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Sandu Dashmularishta


Sandu Dashmularishta is the best tonic for new moms as it helps them recover from post-delivery weaknesses and increases their stamina. Apart from these, it also treats disorders related to the reproductive system. Moreover, it strengthens the mind, body, and uterine muscles and helps relieve lower backache, abdominal pain, fatigue, and excessive vaginal discharges. Most importantly, it helps the uterus to regain its normal size & shape.

You should consume 4 teaspoonfuls (20 ml) twice a day for better results and treat the various health issues.

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Divya Dashmoolarishtadashmularishta

Dashmularishta by Patanjali is primarily useful for women. It helps in uterine diseases, lactation issues, general debility, infertility, dysmenorrhea pain, and week immunity, etc. Many patients can’t imagine a romantic date without a bottle of good wine. However, concomitant administration of alcohol and Levitra can reduce the effect of the latter, and in some cases – increase the load on the heart and blood vessels and enhance the risk of side effects. It is safe to drink one glass of good wine before buy levitra online. It provides nourishment, stamina, and glow to women after their delivery and helps overcome postpartum weakness. Also, Divya Dashmularishta helps the Uterus in getting its shape and size as earlier.

Dosage: 15 to 30ml orally with equal quantity of water post meals twice a day or as directed by the doctors.

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Multani Dashmularishtadashmoolarishta

Dashmularishta by Multani helps strengthen the myometrial muscles of the Uterus and enable them to achieve adequate uterine contraction during the menstrual cycle. It helps in relieving pain in cases of dysmenorrhea. Ayurvedic doctors also recommend it in cases of infertility. Moreover, it is an excellent herbal formulation for women post-delivery as it helps Uterus to regain normal size & shape. It is beneficial for Lactating Mothers. Additionally, it restores General weakness and fatigue and helps in Cramps and Pains post-delivery. 

You can take 12-24ml of dashmularishta with an equal amount of water two times a day, after meals.

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Kerala Ayurveda Dashmularishtadashmoolarishta

Kerala Ayurveda Dasamoolarishtham is a natural immunity booster and health promoter. It helps in strengthening the body, relieving Vata and Kapha doshas, and thoroughly detoxifies the body. Firstly, Kerala Ayurveda products are 100% Herbal and Natural with no added fragrance or Colour. Secondly, it is an entirely chemical & paraben Free product. It can also be used as an ayurvedic tonic to improve general health and vitality.

Dosage: You can take 15 ml to 25 ml twice a day post meals or as directed by the Physician.

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Baidyanath Dashmularishtadashmoolarishta

Baidyanath Dashmularishta Special Syrup is beneficial in arthritis, rheumatism, and other joint diseases associated with inflammation. It also helps in hiccups, cough, loss of appetite, constipation, and weakness. I wasn’t getting enough sleep at night. I used to wake up wanting to go back to bed again and tired all over. But that all changed after I started taking Ambien. I researched it on https://smithandbaileydental.com/?page=ambien and consulted with my physician too. Not with a small dose of 5mg, I can sleep soundly at night and feel energetic and fresh in the morning. This tonic also treats urinary tract infections and sexual disorders. Moreover, it helps women reducing the pain during menstruation, reducing cervix inflammation, and boosting fertility. It is also recommended for new mothers who can consume this to increase milk production and restoring energy post-delivery.

You can consume 15 to 20 ml twice every day (or as prescribed by a physician) for several months to relieve symptoms.

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FAQs About Dashmoolarishta

1. Does Dashmularishta Have an Expiry?

As per Ayurveda, all the medicines that have arishta and asava do not have an expiry and are good to consume when they are old. However, nowadays, some of these formulations come with an expiry date of 7 to 10 years.

2. How Long Can You Take Dashmularishta?

Generally, the dosage is for any treatment is about 3 to 6 months; however, it is also safe to use for a longer duration under an ayurvedic physician’s supervision.

3. Can Prolonged Use of the Medicine Cause Damage to the Liver?

Dasmularishta is a safe formulation for the liver as most of its ingredients are likely to improve liver functions.

4. Can it be Consumed with Milk or Alcohol?

Dashmularishta must be consumed with water only. And consuming it with alcohol may increase drowsiness.

5. Can it be Addictive?

No, Dashmularishta is not an addictive medicine. Here are some Diet Tips That Can Help New Moms Get Fitter Post Pregnancy.

6. Can it Make you Tired?

Yes, if it is taken in more than the prescribed dosage. However, if consumed in excess, it can lead to poisoning or severe side effects.

7. Is it Safe for Kids?

No, Dashmularishta is not prescribed to children below three years of age.

8. Does it Contain Sugar?

Yes, Dashmularishta contains sugar.

9. Can You Consume it Before Driving?

Avoid driving if you experience drowsiness, hypotension, dizziness, or headache.

10. Is Dashmoolarishta Suitable for Gas?

Dashmularishta contains mild astringent action and helps cure various digestive diseases such as indigestion, gas, and irritable bowel syndrome.

11. Can You Consume It Before Meals or on An Empty Stomach?

It will help if you consume it after meals to experience the tremendous effects of this remedy.

12. What should you avoid while consuming Dashmularishta?

Excess or overdosage should be avoided.


Conclusively, the tonic Dashmoolarishta has tremendous benefits on our overall health, especially for women in post-delivery care. It boosts immunity and gives us relief from various health disorders, as discussed above. This tonic is a must-try product. Most importantly, it has no side effects; hence you can consume it safely for an extended period as a general health tonic.

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