Viking Kittens – The Preferred Pets of the Northmen

Viking Cats or Viking Kittens are The Preferred Pets of the Northmen.

The world’s first extensive analysis of ancient cat DNA suggests that our furry companions’ ancestors arrived in Eurasia and Africa about the same time as early farmers, and were later assisted by mariners such as the Vikings.

Scientists sequenced the DNA of 290 cats found in over 30 archaeological digs across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, including a cat found in a Viking tomb in northern Germany.

The Natural History Museum of Denmark’s conservator, Kristian Gregersen, undertook a search of the museum’s database of archaeological artifacts and believes that cats were common in Viking and Iron Age Denmark and that individuals wore cat skins by the late Viking Age.

According to Jes Martens of the Cultural History Museum in Oslo, Norway, cats are a recurring element in Norse mythology.

“Freja, the goddess of love, rode in a carriage driven by two cats. When Thor came to Utgard, he attempted to hoist Utgard-cat. Loki’s Martens explains, “It turned out to be a serpent, the Midgard Serpent, which not even Thor could lift.”

He claims that if the Vikings had so many stories about cats, it’s only natural that they would take cats on long trips.

According to lead author Eva-Maria Geigl, an evolutionary geneticist at the Institut Jacques Monod in Paris, France, cats also helped keep the population of rats and mice on ships down during long trips at sea.

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