Top 3 Best Fabrics for the Custom Table Covers

The table covers are a unique and attractive piece of cloth that will help you cover your dining table. The primary objective of the table cover is to protect your table from possible spillage and damages. Not to mention, custom table covers are incredibly effective at protecting the dining table from scratches. Due to their functionality and effectiveness, the custom table covers have gained popularity. You can also customize your table covers by adding eye-catching patterns, colors, and graphics to enhance their beauty.

When it comes to custom table covers, you can choose various fabrics for the table covers. Make sure you pay close attention while choosing the proper material for your table covers. There are different fabric types such as linen, cotton, silk, polyester, and organza available in the market that you can use on your custom table covers. However, the materials you’re willing to choose entirely depend on your purpose. Each material comes with drawbacks and advantages. Here are the top 3 best fabrics you can choose for your custom table covers.


Cotton table covers are undoubtedly one of the best options available in the market. If you have an informal dining room, you need to choose cotton as the primary material for your table cover as nothing can beat their appearance and comfort.

Cotton is easy to produce and process. This is why cotton table covers are highly cost-effective. Most cotton table covers can be washed in the washing machine. However, some might show symptoms of color bleeding. You can also quickly clean the cotton table covers with a rag or damp cloth. But keep in mind that cotton table covers are vulnerable to wrinkles.

As cotton is one of the most durable natural fabrics, the cotton table covers will last years if you take proper care of them. But make sure you don’t use the cotton table covers for outdoor purposes.


This is another popular fabric for table covers. Polyester table covers are not only highly durable but are also highly resistant to strain. Not to mention, polyester table covers can also withstand wrinkles. This is why many people choose polyester as the primary fabric option for their table covers. As per Masterclass, polyester is moisture-resistant.

You can use the polyester table covers at various formal events, including wedding parties, banquets, and professional events. Nothing can beat the effectiveness of polyester table covers for outdoor usage purposes. Like cotton table covers, polyester table covers are also affordable, durable, and machine washable. You can choose different patterns and colors for the polyester table covers.


Many people choose vinyl as the fabric option for their custom table covers. Vinyl table covers are highly weather resistant. Not to mention, the cleaning and maintenance method of the vinyl table covers is easy. Therefore, they are great for picnics and outdoor setups. You can use the vinyl table covers with ease despite the climate condition.

Vinyl is one of the very few fabrics that can be used for both outdoor and informal meetings. This is why you should not use vinyl table covers on formal and wedding occasions.

Vinyl is one of the cheapest fabrics for table covers.


These are the top 3 best fabrics you should choose for your custom table covers. Do you want the best custom table covers? Make sure you visit our website today.

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