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Christmas tree Bags and Christmas Tree Storage Boxes

Christmas is over; the decorations are packed away for another year. Now all you have to do is clear up the mess in your living room without making too much noise because people are still sleeping in the house. Your Christmas tree may not be anything special or particularly large but it’s a pain nonetheless when trying to find a long-term solution for storing it away in between Christmas’ celebrations. Here are some of the most popular Christmas tree storage bags available today.

The Christmas tree storage bags range from 85 pounds which makes them easy enough to lift out of any attic or loft space where they will be stored for 12 months until their next use, through to around £250 pounds – generally speaking Christmas tree storage bags average price is from £80 pounds to £200 pounds. These Christmas tree storage bags can be stored away in a loft space, garage or any other large room where the Christmas tree will not get in anyone’s way and can be reached easily when it is time to bring the Christmas tree out for Christmas again.

If you have a particularly high Christmas tree then you might want to consider purchasing a Christmas tree storage bag with wheels on it too, this makes it much easier when removing your Christmas tree from its Christmas Tree Storage Bag because instead of having to lift it into position yourself you can pull the Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Wheels along behind you and simply tip the whole thing over from an upright position thus allowing your heavy duty Christmas tree storage bag to do all of the work for you.

The Christmas tree storage bag with wheels, as well as being particularly useful on Christmas day itself can also be used on a daily basis too so your Christmas tree is not going up and down any stairs for weeks ahead of Christmas time. There are several Christmas tree storage bags with wheels available from around £100 pounds right up to around £250 pounds. If you have an extremely large Christmas tree then you should consider buying a Christmas tree storage bag that fits your Christmas Tree AND stand combination because nobody wants heaps and heaps of heavy boxes and bags full of Christmas decorations and lights!

As well as having one or more Christmas Tree Storage Bags which fit your standard sized Christmas trees it also pays to buy Christmas storage bags for your Christmas lights and Christmas stand too. Christmas Tree Storage Bags can average in price from around £5 pounds to around £50 pounds depending on the type of Christmas light storage bag or Christmas stand storage bag you require, but there are some Christmas tree storage bags available which include a Christmas light hook, so that when removing your Christmas lights from their Christmas Tree Storage Bag they will all be hanging upside down ready to be plugged into the wall outlet again.

There is also a range of specialist Christmas tree storage boxes that can either sit underneath your actual Christmas tree or inside another closet space until it is time to bring out your decorations again. These come in a variety of sizes and costs, however what you get for your money is the ability to have your Christmas tree standing in its Christmas storage box light-free so you can keep your Christmas tree away from bright lights, and Christmas tree air fresheners etc which will help protect it against Christmas Tree Flies for example. Christmas Tree Storage Boxes are generally made out of cardboard or wood therefore they are very cost effective when compared to buying a Christmas tree storage bag that offers protection against insects due to being dark inside.

There is also Christmas tree bags available as well as Christmas tree storage bags and Christmas Tree Storage Boxes which offer protection from insects, so if you live in a warm climate where flying insects love living on fresh evergreens then choosing one of these specialist products is probably going to be beneficial for you. Christmas Tree Storage Bags with Insect Protection can cost anything from around £10 pounds all the way up to well over £100 pounds.

Christmas tree storage bags are available at any good Christmas Tree Hire company which will hire out Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas tree stands, as well as most garden centers, DIY stores and even online via Amazon websites where you can get a Christmas storage bag delivered right to your door before Christmas time if ordered quickly enough!

While I have shown a few examples above of Christmas storage bags that include wheels for easy maneuvering while getting your Christmas decorations & Christmas lights etc ready for next year’s Christmases…I am STILL no closer to finding one without wheels on it.


Christmas storage bags with wheels on them…come on Christmas Tree Hire Company, get your act together and send us Christmas tree enthusiasts the Christmas Tree Storage Bags we really want! Please don’t just send me Christmas storage boxes that can fit my Christmas lights in. I want Christmas storage bags without wheels please.

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