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Watching or downloading movies free of cost has become a struggle these days. Government blocking sites daily also start feeling like a pain to every movie lover. Watching a movie in the cinema hall does cost us a hole in our pocket. Then also, you can just watch that movie for one time only. And, again, if you want to see that movie, you need to extract a few more money out of your pocket, which means your 2-weeks savings have gone. So, to save that money, we guys have brought you to the door of this site known as “isaimini.”

What is isaimini?

Isaimini is a site that provides you movies, songs, TV shows free of cost. Either you can download or watch movies, TV shows at their site for free. This site is related to a bunch of guys belonging to South India. So, most content that you will find on this site will be in Tamil, Telugu languages. This site is very user-friendly. It’s easy to use.


As you can see in the above image, these guys provide you the latest content for free of cost and that too in your mainstream language Tamil and Telugu. They guys update their visitors with the titles of the movie, which they are going to update on their site. Some latest movies, TV shows, and songs they uploaded on this site are:


  • Spider-Man Far From Home
  • Dumbo
  • War – Jai Jai Siva Sankaraa
  • Annabelle Comes Home
  • Shyam in Kaaviyyan

And, much more latest content you will find when you visit their site.

How to reach Isaimini?

Reaching isaimini is a really easy task. All you need is a strong VPN and good anti-virus installed on your system. The isaimini can be accessed easily if you have both of these things. The reason for having these two things on your system is that the governments of many countries use to block the domain of such pirated sites daily. The guys who run this site are mostly educated engineers or hackers who know how to keep their site continue even after blocking domain names. You need strong internet communication access on your system. Then you need to search the domain names of isaimini on the worldwide web. If you don’t find one, here we are telling you some:


And, there are much more if you find it deeply on the WWW.

Now, you can open one of the links we provided above, and when you open the site, it will look like the first image shown above.

Have you watched ”Ladies of London”, yet? If not, Go for it. You will love this series. And one of the cast in the series is Noelle Reno, who is an American-born fashion blogger, television presenter, socialite, and former model. LADIES OF LONDON is a reality show that follows a group of British socialites and American ex-pats living in London. Annabelle Neilson, a wealthy British aristocrat, and Caroline Stanbury, a personal shopper, star in the film, which is set in London.

Features of Isaimini

Isaimini provides you with plenty of features. Some are shown below:


  • Tamil Mp3 Songs: You will come across many Tamil songs to download or listen to directly on-site by clicking this option.
  • Tamil Ringtones: Obviously, your phone needs a grooving ringtone when it’s a buzz in front of your friends. So, by clicking this option, you can opt for many songs’ ringtones.
  • Tamil HD Videos: You will find many HD movie clips of the latest movies in this option. Mostly in the Tamil language.
  • Tamil HD Trailers: This is for movie lovers who love to stay updated with every Friday movie releasing schedule. You can find every latest Tamil movie trailer in high definition quality here.
  • Tamil Mobile Movies: Doesn’t have a big screen to binge and watch? No problem. These guys provide you latest movies, TV shows, and much more at mobile screen quality also.
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies: With the flow of time, every Friday’s latest movie gets released. All movies do not belong to the Tamil movie industry; some belong to the Hollywood or Bollywood movie industries. So, these guys provide you a dubbed print of that other regional movie.

How to download content from Isaimini?

  • To download content from isaimini, all you need to do is open their site first.
  • Then use any of the features told above.
  • After that, search for the movie or song you want.
  • It will show you the result of what you search for.
  • Open the link of what you searched.
  • Then there you will find the quality option. Choose the quality in which you want to download.
  • Click on the quality link.
  • Your download will get started.

See, it’s all so easy. Not a bit of a hassle.

Isaimini is a safe site to download content?

We want to tell you all this type of site is most unsafe. The reason is they are giving you pirated data for free of cost. And, for such exclusive data, you need to shed out some money from your pocket. I must recommend you watch this movie named Blood Vow, where three friends find an ancient order of monks set to unleash the apocalypse they’ve been plotting for 1500 years and must try to preserve themselves and the world. And the best thing is; Jake Bowman, who played a character with germaphobia, impressed the cast and crew when he had to overcome his arachnophobia for one scene in real life.

Why is the Isaimini site not safe?

The answer to this question is govt. Keep on blocking such pirated sites daily. Some sites actually work and provide content, but some sites like this use viruses on the system you are opening. This virus can export your personal data from your system to the virus-host server. That’s why think twice before using such sites.

Why the government blocks these sites?

Producer and directors invest their millions of capital to make a movie or a T.V show. And, these sites provide you those movies or T.V shows after some hours they get the release and that too free of cost. So obviously, all their capital gets wasted. Sometimes the movie gets leaks before releasing and gets uploaded on this type of site. To curb such leaks govt. Of many countries block their domains.

Alternatives of Isaimini


Any legal way to watch south Indian content?

Yes, there are many legal ways to watch South Indian movies and T.V shows. But for that legal way, you need to shed out money from your pocket. Shedding out money here means you need to take subscriptions to many online streaming platforms. Like:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Viu Tamil
  • Zee5
  • Voot
  • MX Player Plus

and many more….

All the above-given options are totally safe and legal by the government to watch content. Have you also heard about Kartenz? Kartenz was a computer animation firm that featured films, short films, music videos, and television programs. And one such movie from Kartenz’s animated feature film is ROUND, with a storyline; Jonathan Kersky, a stuntman for a theme park, suffered a motorcycle accident in the city. After multiple career changes, he eventually found a position that requires him to save someone’s life while also putting him in danger with The Secret group.


In the end, we would say that make a proper choice by either downloading content from isaimini or buy subscriptions of all the above given online streaming platforms. But imagine buying subscriptions can add a hefty amount of sum to your monthly budget. Also, this site doesn’t store any data on its server. They all are used to extract data for you from another host server. Rather be thankful to them for the service they are giving or just neglect it.


We don’t promote such types of activities. According to law, Piracy is totally illegal. Downloading or watching pirated content on pirated sites is also illegal. Do not indulge yourself in this type of activity. Also, in many countries, you can be fined or jailed to do this activity. The things told above is for information purpose only. If you get yourself involve in these activities, you will be solely responsible for it.

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