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Gaming has got a level up, and today’s gaming has come far from what it used to be. Till today, PCs were dominating the gaming genre, but the game scenes have changed now. Video games and gaming consoles had led to a great deal of change since their inception. The consoles had found their niche by providing a whole media experience to our living room with tons of features. Here in this article, I will list the 5 best gaming consoles to narrow down your search.

Console gaming is related to solo gaming and defines a complete multimedia experience for you and your family. This makes gaming as easy as plug-and-play. Gaming is undoubtedly different in PC and gaming consoles. We can not get the exact features of PC gaming, but we can get a complete experience. If you are a person who wants to sit back and enjoy playing their favorite games with their family, then gaming consoles are the desired choice for you.

The gaming and games will look much prettier, realistic, and better with the upcoming consoles than they used to be. We will be getting more life-like in addition to ray tracing, superfast loading experience due to the presence of SSDs, and support for 4k60fps gaming.

List of 5 Best Gaming Consoles

Many companies have been prominent on the hunt and look for the best gaming consoles and had developed successful gaming consoles, namely Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, etc.

The gaming setup prices cost a hefty amount of money, so we need to pick the right console that perfectly suits your gaming taste and budget. There are plenty of options available to seal the deal for you and save your time and take you directly to explore your gaming life.

We have come here to help you make your life easy. So keep reading this article, and it would lead to the best gaming consoles that suit you in every type. We have compiled the latest and the best gaming consoles in the market with their exclusive features, pros, and cons, along with the description to buy the lovable device.

Play Station 5

gaming consoles

On the top of the list of gaming consoles comes the PlayStation 5 with lightning-fast load speed, exceptional design, and a new controller. Sony’s PS lineup has been the most successful and challenging to beat gaming console with tons of features loaded.


  • Resolution and display can display 4k 12fps, also has up to 8k capabilities
  • CPU and RAM: AMD Zen-2 based CPU with 16 GB RAM
  • Resolution controller haptics and fast new UI
  • 825 GB SSD, which decreases the load time and enhances the graphical performance
  • PlayStation 5 comes with a Dual Sense gaming controller.

Sony has re-imagined and re-constructed the design that will impress you and add a footprint in your memories. There are some problems observed with the first-party games.

Sony’s backward compatibility adds a lot to the gaming experience and gives access to the PS4s library. But the PS5 back compatibility is not as effective as the Xbox series. However, many improvements have been made to PS4, and overall, PlayStation is a solid investment and worth the price.

You can enjoy the gaming experience on your 4k HD TV and add full enjoyment to your life. The PS5 is well suited for both Pro and casual gamers. Also, check the list of best Bluetooth speakers under 6000 INR.

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Xbox One X

Xbox is led by one of the most prestigious and renowned companies globally, trusted by billions of subscribers and the best services. It offers high-end graphics along with smooth performance. This is the best choice for all users.

Xbox has been giving a tough competition to the PlayStation series by Sony. Xbox One X has not only given tough competition but also exceeds in many aspects.

Comparing the Xbox’s performance with PS5 on paper has the edge over PS5 with higher clock speed on the CPU and better specifications.

If we look at the current trend, then the next-gen consoles are preloaded with SSD on boards, and the Xbox has a higher capacity than PS5. Still, the PS5 has got M.2 slot that accepts any SSD, but the Microsoft Xbox has partnered with Seagate and reads only Seagate SSD, making the choices limited.

Description About the product

  • GPU: 12 Teraflops high-performance GPU
  • Dolby atoms support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atoms 3D support.
  • Backward Compatibility: All Xbox one and 360 support
  • No rechargeable batteries.
  • It looks like a black box with CD, USB drive option, and some extra ports at the back. Nevertheless, the Xbox LED logo lights up when the console is switched on.
  • Resolution: supports 4k6-fps, and up to 8k also
  • CPU, RAM: 8 cores AMD 3.8Ghz Zen 2 CPU with 16 GB RAM

It is the next-gen gaming console and one of the best gaming consoles in the series of Microsoft Xbox series available in the market today.

Now, coming to the Xbox One X’s main highlight is the backward compatibility with every model launched by Xbox previously. So with this feature, you can get the vast majority of games from any generation to lay on your latest consoles. In addition to this, you get a Game pass which gives you access to online multiplayer.

Not many changes have been observed when the controller has better trigger sensitivity than previous controllers. The design is similar to Xbox One’s controller. Moving further to media experience, we have Dolby Vision HDF and Dolby Atoms 3D for a better and more excellent experience, from playing games to watching movies.

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Nintendo Switch

Ever comparing the best gaming consoles, you would discover the Nintendo switch being part of the list without fail. It’s absolutely justified because of its classic, elegant and portable design. When talking about the first-party games, then no one can beat this console in terms of games like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, etc., it is the perfect choice for your family and has got the best games, and most of them are family-friendly, which suits all ages.

The console’s great part is that you can connect this to your TV and enjoy the gaming fun on a bigger screen. This model’s battery life ranges from 4.5 to 9 hours, which justifies the price value and enhances the gaming experience, and makes it your perfect partner for traveling.

However, it doesn’t support social media platforms like PlayStation or Xbox but is only a gaming console. It is for a reason which makes it become the most versatile gaming contender on the list. The console offers a seamless transition from a mobile gaming device to a home gaming console. Nevertheless, it is supported by a constantly growing gaming library and innovative Joy-Con controllers. If you want only gaming fun, then it can be your choice.

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Xbox Series S

gaming consoles

Adding the all-new digital counterpart of Xbox one X, Microsoft decides to release Xbox ones as a digital counterpart. However, there is no digital edition to PS5 powered by Sony. This series S looks quite similar to Xbox one X with white color. It got a similar height and similar rectangular box but has a smaller width.

It is a value-for-money product offered by Microsoft with few compromises made at a price. If we compare this with the Xbox One X, it didn’t prove to be as powerful as one X. it offers 4k ultra Blue-ray streaming but cannot record 4k clips. It supports Dolby atoms and DTS:X audio and works well with Xbox accessories.


  • Resolution: 1440p 60fps
  • CPU and RAM; 8 core AMD 3.8Ghz Zen 2 CPU with 10 GB RAM.
  • Storage: 512GB SSD

You can notice that it doesn’t stand a wide comparison with the Xbox one X series. Although being a new-gen gaming console, it falls behind a lot of performance issue. There has been a significant fall in GPU specs. It has also got precisely half the storage of Xbox one X, which might not be enough for most game lovers but for the addition, it has got an expansion slot which makes the action justified.

It is equipped with the same Dolby Atoms in terms of media, so a person watching movies, streaming videos, playing games gets a complete experience and completes your living room with joy.

Being a digital console, this is one of the best gaming consoles to be used by old game lovers from the Xbox 360 or Xbox one era. It is an excellent alternative to Series X. Here are the Gaming Consoles Market Updates 2021-2026 in Latest Research Highlighting Current and Future Trends.

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PlayStation 4 Pro

Sony has the most successful lineup named PlayStation. However, the PS4 sits just before the PS5 but is very much equivalent to capabilities and power. The games played in PS4 and PS4 Pro are the same, and you won’t have to start from fresh, and there’s no need to pay extra to play the same games. The looks and performance of PS4 Pro are better than PS4.

The PS4 was one of the most successful, powerful & best gaming consoles from Sony and is capable of outputting 4K resolutions. This console enhances the output of the native games. It makes the images look sharper, and games run more smoothly in Boost mode.


  • RAM: 8GB of GDDR5
  • Native and Upscaled 4k
  • A more affordable 4k option but no Blu-ray support
  • Like the standard PS4 console, it is powered by an excellent library of games and an exclusive VR support feature.
  • It upscales the games’ resolution to look similar to 4k and runs a large game with consistent frame rates.

If you are looking for better resolutions, then PS5 may be a better choice for you, but if you can adjust the resolution and want the gaming fun, then PS4 Pro is the right choice.

PS4 Pro doesn’t offer good backward compatibility as offered in other mentioned products, and besides, there is no built-in Ultra HD Blu-ray player. If you don’t have a 4k TV or don’t have super sharp visuals, you should buy this console.

Overall, it is a device with the perfect combination of graphics that will definitely improve your enjoyment of gaming and adds a lot of fun to your living. It is worth the price, and if you want to splash in extra money, then PS5 may be your choice. But if you are exploring a cheaper gateway to 4k gaming, then PS4 Pro is a better choice than others.

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Final Words

I would recommend following the trend and go with the latest technology. I would also suggest you consider buying the Xbox one X equipped with the best and latest graphics and technology, which offers unmatchable performance. But if not, then Xbox one S and one E are for those looking for limited performance at limited prices. 

But if you are wondering about the difference between Xbox One X and PlayStation 5, then there is a cut-to-cut match between the features and performance offered by both consoles.

If you can not spend that much amount, then you can go along with PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One S, or other gaming consoles listed above. If you think gaming consoles are a waste of money, you should try buying one and live the joy.

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