Best Gaming Laptops of 2021 – Find How to Pick The Best & Within Budget

When we are talking about picking among the best gaming laptops, then we are actually selecting the processor along with the best graphic chip, most vibrant display, SSD storage, and quite a good RAM, which gives you a seamless experience without lagging.

If you are looking for a high-end gaming machine or the best gaming laptop, then you have come to the right page. Here in this article, we’ll mention all the features and specifications of the best laptops in the gaming series from all different brands.

On what basis we’ll be categorizing the laptops in the ranking list?

Many grounds contribute to the performance of the laptops:

  • CPU and GPU: In a gaming laptop, GPU or graphic card is the key component that needs to be checked. A good graphic card delivers a better gaming experience.
  • Laptop processor: The processor is the 2 most essential components because the processor provides the protocol and power needed by the laptop. The laptops are integrated with 2 kinds of processors AMD Ryzen or Intel. We should choose at least an i5 or i7 processor for the best experience, but if you want the best power output, then you should go with i7.
  • Weight of the laptop: Everyone wishes to have a lightweight laptop. Generally, gaming laptops are heavy in their weight, but nowadays, the weight and thickness of gaming laptops are decreasing without compromising the performance. Hence, we should be choosing the lightest laptop which is easy to carry.
  • Storage drivers: For gaming, we should try choosing the fastest drivers of all. We should choose SSD over HDD for faster boot-up and faster game loading.

List of Best Gaming Laptops

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14

The most difficult task for a company is to pack a high-performance gaming laptop into a slim machine, and the Asus had proved their skills and made a laptop ideal for people looking for a slim and lightweight laptop with tons of gaming features.

The machine is embedded with AMD Ryzen 9 processor, a CPU that delivers unmatchable power combining with AMD’s latest tech. Its ideal time of display is more than 11 hours which is a record-breaker for gaming laptops.

The price of this machine is quite genuine for the specifications and features provided with the laptop.


  • Display: 14-inch slim display with 1920*1080 resolutions
  • CPU & GPU: AMD Ryzen 9 processor with RTX 2060 graphic card which delivers an unmatchable gaming experience at such a limited price
  • RAM and storage: 16GB RAM with 1Tb SSD, which provides an extremely smooth experience
  • This machine provides a great gaming experience with a slim body, portable design paired with 11 hours of battery life.
  • The keyboard is clicky and comfortable.


  • The laptop doesn’t have a webcam.
  • The laptop is reported with some keyboard backlight issues.

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MSI Bravo 15best gaming laptops

MSI has been a very prominent and reputed name in terms of gaming laptops. The MSI has been working all way to add on the latest technology to their laptops or machines. AMD Ryzen 7 processor powers this gaming beast.

The laptop has a 15.6-inch screen with a 144 Hz thin-bezel display. It comes in a lightweight category with a 1.8 kg weight. The red backlight keyboard adds to the gaming experience of the laptop.


  • Storage: the computer has 16Gb RAM and 512 Gb SSD, which helps in quick boot up.
  • GPU: Laptop is powered with Ryzen 7 and RX5500, which is probably one of the best graphic cards out of all.
  • This laptop comes with a 1-year full warranty by the manufacturer and with 60 days trial version of internet security and lifetime access to Norton studio.
  • It has a dedicated thermal solution for both CPU and GPU, which maximizes the cooling effect and enhances the gaming experience.


  • Its battery life is not very great.
  • After-sales services are not as effective and comparable with others in this league.

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Acer Predator Helios 300

best gaming laptops

Acer Predator is one of the best gaming laptops because of its ultimate design and powerful gaming features. I7 processor powers this laptop, and Nividia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics enhance the gaming experience.

It has a 15.6 inch-dynamic display with a colorful and adaptive backlight keyboard. On top of all this, it has a battery life of 7 hours which keeps you going longer.


  • Best selling and highly rated laptop from MSI
  • RAM and Storage: This comes with never-ending storage of 1Tb HDD and 256 Gb SSD. Not only this but also 16 Gb RAM adds to the smooth experience.
  • GPU: Supported with one of the most powerful 6Gb graphic cards of RTX2060.


  • Some reported minor heating problems
  • Audio output is average because of the mediocre range of speakers.

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Lenovo Legion Y540

best gaming laptops

It is impossible to find a list of top gaming laptops without considering this laptop name in the list. This laptop is the best in its segment with a genuine price—I5 processor and GTX1650 graphic card power this machine.

It comes with an HD, crisp and colorful display of 15.6 inches which makes browsing, gaming, reading extremely fun. Also, check out the best Bluetooth speakers under 6000 INR.


  • It comes with a clean, crisp look at a genuine price, and it can adapt itself in office space and parties at the same time.
  • Processor: It is powered with an i5 processor and GTX1650 graphic card, which helps in maximum output.
  • Its battery life is average and gives an output of 5 hours.
  • The sound quality is excellent and satisfying.


  • It has oddly placed keys on the keyboard.
  • It is designed with ports at the rear end, which makes it very much uncomfortable for use.

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HP Gaming Pavilion

In the electronic market, HP is a revolutionary name that manufactures the best tech material. It brings a new Gaming Pavilion, which adds to their list of products. This product executes an ultimate performance due to the i7 processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology and GTX165 graphics.

Furthermore, it comes with an Anti-Glare 15.6 dynamic screen with a micro-edge and backlight display.


  • Processor: It is manufactured with an i7 processor and Intel Turbo Boost Technology.
  • GPU: It has a dedicated 4 Gb graphic card of GTX1650 and is powered with NVIDIA Turing GPU architecture.
  • Memory: It has 16 Gb RAM and 512 GB SSD support, and 32 GB Intel Optane memory.
  • It is enlightened with a purple backlight, which adds a lot to the experience of gaming.


  • The system becomes a bit noisy after few years of working
  • Some noticed some minor heating issues.

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Dell G3 3500

Dell is one of the most trusted manufacturers of electronics with the best after-sale services. It is one of the must-haves for gamers & the best gaming laptops because of its cool features. First, have a look at the anti-glare 15.6-inch display.

The performance of this machinery is amplified with a 10-generation i5 processor, and GTX 1650 graphics make the gaming pleasant and smooth without seeing any frame drops or lagging in the system. For storing the files and other valuables, it comes with 512Gb SSD and 8Gb RAM.


  • Up to 10 hours standby time powered with 10 generation i65 processor and GTX1650 graphics.
  • Powered with best CPU and vibrant display
  • It is very lightweight and slim in design
  • Quick charging support with 10 hours of battery life.


  • Arrow keys are squished together
  • The webcam quality is not very good.

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Why Should We Choose Gaming Laptops?

Computers have dominated the gaming era, but the gaming consoles are also catching up their space in this competition of gaming. But laptops with gaming specifications also take the competition up, and they are suitable for people with limited space.

The gaming laptops are suitable for people in gaming and who work with heavy software. Gaming laptops are the best suggestion for students opting for engineering or other technical streams.

Furthermore, for people who love traveling and who want to enjoy gaming simultaneously, gaming laptops should be their choice for such people.

Click here to know some technical reasons to choose gaming laptops. Now, keep reading & know the specifications and features of the best gaming laptops.


The listed gaming laptops are powered with the best NVIDIA graphic card, which helps in extraordinary performances. All the above laptops have great features and have good ratings & reviews on online sites. Nowadays, these laptops have cut down the extra cost of gaming consoles for mid-range gamers. These laptops are great and reliable gaming source over pc and gaming consoles.

The above list contains the best gaming laptops with the best price value, RAM, storage, battery, and other performance features.

We hope many of you would get their dream gaming laptops that suit them well.

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