BNDWGN A Social Media Messaging App


Are you in the search of good social messaging app? Want to switch from WhatsApp and Facebook to an interesting app?You must be thinking I am referring to something costly, NOT REALLY! I am talking about BNDWGN, haven’t heard of it?
Yes, this BNDWGN, It is a private social messaging app launched by HEYWIRE keeping in the mind all the interests of the new era.


The combination of private friend-to-friend(s) chat and social media aggregation makes it even more interesting and eye catcher. I can’t hold myself back from sharing more of its advantages to you people, like you can combine various streams from sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram into an interest-focused group which can be as narrowly defined as “Lady Gaga” or as broadly defined as “Tech.”

And because you’re the creator of these content channels called “BNDWGNs” , the streams you include can extend beyond the official social media presences for the topic at hand. Well, the idea was to aggregate your social-media streams from all your favourite apps into a unified platform,organized by topics.

However,its ability to aggregate from social media isn’t necessarily a new invention, but BNDWGN has added an additional element to its service: and that is private conversations, In each BNDWGN created, users can add friends who can then all message each other about the content contained within. Interesting!, Isn’t it?


Though, Users can only message Facebook friends running the app, however, but content stays private unless explicitly shared to Facebook.These topics can be anything from sporting events and teams to celebrities, music, and brands, (anything which excites you) and you can then communicate with others in your network about those topics in a private way—with only the people who care about those topics.Also, You can join other, public BNDWGN submitted by the community if you’re just looking for topics to follow.

BNDWGN users can pull their favorite content from from their favourite site to build their own BNDWGN and invite friends to “jump on” to receive information and chat. Users can also join popular BNDWGN created by other members of the community to chat about or check out the latest updates with friends who share their interests.

“BNDWGN is a big new step in the evolution of how people consume and share social media on smartphones,”said MediaFriends CEO Meredith Flynn-Ripley. “The ability to simplify, unify and deliver all your favorite social media into private chat rooms is extremely powerful and something that hasn’t been done before.It sounded intriguing!

This app will push the social network content you care about to you at the time you set. I bet! BNDWGN represents an entirely new breakthrough category of app.

A real-time Content Messenger, BNDWGN combines three features for the first time ever: Firstly, curated content across social media into topics, secondly, personalized delivery options,and last but not the least all combined with group messaging. BNDWGN is unlike content curators who lack a delivery and messaging capability or group messaging platforms that lack a content curation layer.

These free SMS service( BNDWGN) launched back in September 2010, and allows users to text, tweet, and Facebook chat from within one app. It now has over 3 million active users monthly who spend 10 hours in the app per month, and recently hit its 2 billionth message sent. Now ,you want to use this amazingly built app ?

Where to find & download BNDWGN?

Hey, it’s now available on Google Play and is coming in July to the Apple App Store.The app is initially available for Android only but coming in July to the Apple App Stores, Probably. NOW,”go and filter out the noises and deliver to you and your friends the content you’re passionate about.”

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