Best Sanitary Pads In India – Pads Are Not Choice, Its Your Right For Hygiene

Yes, these are sanitary pads! They are not only to absorb; we have to check its hygiene nature before using any random brand or sanitary pad. In India, as per many types of research, women buy sanitary pads seeing their cost, design, and packing; we usually ignore how hygenic they are, how safe they are, they are rash-free or not? So, here in this article, I will share the list of the best sanitary pads available in India as per my experience of using them.

Anyways, I will not go much into sanitary pads’ basic information, as you are already aware of their benefits and their importance in our lives. Here I am mentioning about 6 brands, out of which 5 I have personally used.

How Did I Choose The List Of Best Sanitary Pads?

  • Materials used in the pads are soft and skin-friendly, and suitable for your skin.
  • Size of the Pad – we should buy a variety of sizes to cater to the different flows.
  • Fragrance-Free pads as the one with fragrances usually contain chemicals leads to rashes.
  • The pads have good back coverage and suitable for nights and during travels.
  • Sanitary pads have good absorption capacity without any leakage.
  • The pads come with wings for better protection.
  • The thickness of the pads and if I feel the wetness or dryness.

List of Best Sanitary Pads 

NUA Pads

best sanitary pads

Nua pads are one of the best sanitary pads. I am using them for three months now, and I really like their quality. They are comfortable, biodegradable, leakproof, & have excellent back coverage. And most importantly, they are rash-free, and your period days will be smooth without any itchiness around. NUA pads are best for the summer season as you will not get any wet feeling or stickiness, but the only comfort you will feel. 

The best part is that they come with disposable covers for each pad, and you can buy the pack as per your period flow. For example, NUA has 12 pads in a pack, out of which you can select 4 for light flow, four medium flow, and four heavy flow pads, and you can change the quantity as per your needs.

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Plush Pads are another best sanitary pads you can try this month. They substitute NUA pads. They are 100% cotton pads and rash-free, Chlorine-free, Paraben-free, and Fragrance-free. The company keeps all the tagged promises mentioned above. 

Plush Pads are ultra-thin, super absorbent, and super soft. Using them will feel like fabric with no synthetic. The size and thickness are good. Whenever I used it, it never leaked or got torn, unlike other pads. I highly recommend these pads as they also come in a pack containing heavy flow pads to light flow with panty liners. The plush pads undoubtedly control side leakage, absolutely skin-friendly, and better absorbent.

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Sofy Cool

I swear these pads are excellent. I have used it for more than a year. These are the best pads to use in summers. Before using them, I was using Sofy antibacterial; they too are nice and are there in this list. But I kept them aside to use for winters. I was actually looking for these Soft antibacterial pads when I come across these Sofy Cool pads, so I thought to give them a try.

And you won’t believe it; it was amazing to use them for the first time itself. The pads have unique cool-pad technology that gives you a cool & fresh feeling during your periods. It has menthol, which is the reason you get a fresh feeling throughout the day. Moreover, you will see that the top sheet is completely dry as the pads absorb flow till the last layer, making them rash-free. You will never experience leakage using these pads.

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Pee Safe

best sanitary pads

We should always try to use pads that are safe for us and the environment. So here are the Pee Safe pads, which are biodegradable and one of the best sanitary pads. They are made entirely of bamboo pulp and 100% organic cotton. Using these pads, you will feel safe, secure, without leakage, and comfortable all day long. 

These pads are rash-free as they do not contain any chemicals, but they contain Bamboo pulp, which has natural anti-bacterial properties, natural sterilization effects, and neutralizes odors. And the best part is that these pads come with individual biodegradable disposable bags making them safe for the environment. This is the brand that I have not used to date but definitely try in the upcoming months. All this review is by one of my friends who is using them for more than six months.

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best sanitary pads

Azah pads are another best sanitary pads that are made with the finest organic cotton. The top surface of these pads is so soft that you won’t even notice you’re wearing a pad. The pads are backed by a super absorbent core and make sure that the surface feels dry even during the heaviest flows. 

Wearing them, you no longer have to worry about that moist, sticky feeling. And most importantly, these pads also come in a biodegradable disposal bag for hassle-free disposal. These pads are skin-friendly, and this I am confirming with personal experience as they do not give you rashes or irritation during your period days. Check about this ayurvedic product, Ashokarishta, which helps you incredibly during your period days.

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Sofy Antibacterial Pads

Rash-free, skin-friendly, irritation-free, these are all the properties of these pads by Sofy. I am using these pads for more than 5 years now. These pads are always the best. It has a nice fragrance of water which provides a fresh feeling. Wearing these pads will never feel like you are using any plastic material for your hygiene.

These pads have the top layer with a green sheet that has all-natural ingredients. It gives 99. 9 percent bacteria protection from Escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, and candida Albicans for long-lasting hygiene. I have never felt discomfort during my period days or nights using these sanitary pads. 

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Conclusively, I would say all the mentioned pads are the best. I actually can’t decide which one to use permanently as all have excellent properties. I kept changing them from time to time. The only difference is in the price. Some are a bit costly; some are reasonable. 

At last, I would recommend you to try all of them once so you can have a better idea and choose according to your needs and the price. You can also try Sofy Overnight pads if you experience heavy flow during nights. Moreover, these pads will definitely serve the purpose of your comfortable periods.

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