Best Laptop Tables Under 1500 INR

If you are wondering what kind of laptop table to get for yourself or a loved one, you have come to the right place! Granted, there are so many brands and designs on the market, but that becomes a problem in itself. You are probably wondering how? Well, simply because then you have so many choices and it becomes difficult to choose. This is a journey of the discovery of different types of the best laptop tables under 1500 INR. You will get to know many other brands and designs and what they might offer you! This will make choosing easier for you! Let’s jump right in!

List of Best Laptop Tables Under 1500 INR

Sitting with a good posture while working is essential for your back pain and overall health. We generally ignore our sitting posture while working. So, here I listed the best laptop tables under 1500 INR which not only helps your posture but also makes you comfortable while you work for long hours.

PENADIA Bamboo Laptop Desk


It is made from high quality, sturdy and durable bamboo. This laptop table has adjustable tilt legs to allow you a better viewing experience. What’s more, is that it has five slots to adjust the table position to suit different preferences. It has several functions besides holding your laptop; it can work as a colouring table, a working desk, an office desk, a reading desk, and a breakfast tray among so many other things.

This desk is portable and foldable, so it’s used on the floor, sofa, recliner, or even in the car when you travel. This is the perfect dinner companion as it also comes with a cup groove, to put your cup. There is also a desk drawer that you can use to store pens, a note pad or your phone. It might interest you to know that it has a stopper to keep your laptop from slipping. 

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Smart Shelter Portable Laptop E-Table

best laptop tables under 1500

The Smart shelter table works as a laptop table, a study table, or an individual dining table on the bed or even on the floor. The design allows you to tilt your laptop to any angle to suit your preference, thereby making your work more efficient. This adjustment enables this table usage by people of different ages; this alone lists it as one of the best laptop tables under 1500 INR. It is portable, which makes it easy to carry around and store when it is not in use. It is the sturdiest laptop holder, and it accommodates rough and tough use as it is incredibly durable! 

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Mango Wood Wooden Laptop Table 


This is an adjustable laptop table to allow you to shift to levels that you are comfortable with. This will enable you to use your laptop comfortably without posing any harm to your physical health. The table has foldable legs which makes it extremely easy to both carry and store when it is not being used. There is a storage desk that you can use to keep your CDs, your phone, mouse, and other items. You can also have your food or drinks on this table as you work! You can use this table almost anywhere like the floor, couch, or even the bed. If you are also looking for Laptops, click here to check the best laptops under 50,000 INR.

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HIDEN Folding Laptop Table 


This is a highly portable space saver as it comes with foldable legs. The brackets are already pre-attached to the table, and all you need is to fit it to the wall. It is very durable as it comes pre-laminated, but that does not take away from the fact that it is easy to carry around. It has round-edged corners for protection. For those of us who love multitasking, this is our pick! It has an inbuilt mobile stand to help with organizing your mobile devices allowing you to multitask and increase productivity. This is also not an ordinary boring design; it comes in beautiful, eye-catching shades that will match your home furniture! 

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Fangle Wooden Foldable Laptop Table 


This multipurpose table can be used as a laptop table, a reading table, or as a simple dining table! It comes with air vents to make sure that your laptop stays cool. This table has foldable legs making it portable, easy to use, carry around and store when not in use! It has a cool feature, in the form of a drawer that you can use to store all your essential items. You can adjust the angles and table position to your desired comfort zone. It also has a lock design to make use of it more comfortably. 

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Kundi Bed Laptop Table 

best laptop tables under 1500

You can use this desk anywhere be it, on the sofa, the bed, couch, or carry it anywhere you want to use it. It is adjustable, allowing you to work in a place that is most comfortable for you, thereby making it one of the best laptop tables under 1500 INR available on the market. It comes with foldable legs which makes it easier for you to either store or carry around anywhere. You can use this table for many things like reading, eating, studying or even as a work table. It is also durable. Here is the thing, it comes with a storage unit for you to keep pens, markers, pencils, CDs, and keys, among other things. There are also slots for you to put your iPad and phone to allow you access to these devices as you do other tasks.

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TABLE MAGIC Laptop Table


 This is not only a laptop table, being an 18- in-1 multi multipurpose, you also, have various other uses for this table. This table is suitable for all age groups as it is adjustable to 54cm minimum height d 73cm greatest height. Adjustments do not need the use of any tools. This product is foldable and weighs only 3.4 Kg making it easy to both store and carry around. This proudly made in India product can accommodate up to 10kgs of weight comfortably regularly. Also, read my another article on Work From Home Essentials which you might find helpful.

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Bi3 Adjustable Laptop Table

best laptop tables under 1500

It’s from long-lasting, strong, rigid materials that resist damage. It is multifunctional and works for different things which are inclusive of but not limited to, eating, laptop table, study desk, reading, writing, board games, and drawing. It can either be semi folded to store next to a chair or completely folded to store under a sofa or in a closet. This is the perfect companion for someone either ill, recovering from illness, or with mobility restrictions. It is also great as a kid’s table or a dinner table! It is adjustable to a height of 20-28 inches divided into six levels. The panel can also be adjusted into three different angles of 120°, 30°, and 90°. All these great features undoubtedly make this one of the best laptop tables under 1500 INR.

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AYSIS Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table 


 It would interest you to know that this table can hold up to 20kgs! This means that you can put your laptop or work stuff without the fear of the table falling apart. This is mainly because it’s made from durable and sturdy material. It is suitable for use from a child of 5 years up to an adult of 80 years! It is a multipurpose tool, and you can use it to, serve breakfast, surf the internet, read books, paint, draw and so much more.

This structure is so easy to carry around and is usable on the sofa, the couch, bed, floor, or even the lawn. It is for use, pretty much anywhere you want because it is portable! This table is adjustable to 6 different heights and tilts to 3 different angles by the simple press of a button. What’s more, is that it also has a cup holder.

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Nilkamal Inspiron Portable Laptop Table

best laptop tables under 1500

The table legs are entirely foldable, making this device very portable. It is also very lightweight and can thus be carried around everywhere. The features that this table makes one of the best laptop tables under 1500 INR. It has many uses, like studying, reading, eating, craft-work, and writing. The tabletop comes pre-laminated and made from 33 mm thick MDF. The top adjusts to four different levels! You get excellent eye screen alignment with the 23.5cm height. The tabletop of 55cm which gives you a large table to store various things! It also has a depth of 32cm that ensures the base is substantial.

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So, you see, there are so many options to choose from. Hence, I tried to add some of the best laptop tables under 1500 INR to make your search easier. These different brands have so many great features specifically made for you! It’s no problem scanning through all of them trying to find exactly what you like. You are sure going to find something that will be totally for you!

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