Best Geysers (Water Heaters) Under 8000 INR || Features & Buying Guide

I think it’s safe to say that hot water is a must for every household, especially during winters! We need to have hot water for different tasks at different times of the day. Why not have it readily available when you need it? So, Let’s get into some of the Best Geysers (Water Heaters) Under 8000 INR!

Having a water heater in your home is convenience at its best! There are so many facts about water heaters that you probably do not know. It would be best if you had a clear understanding of the different brands and types available on the market. You might be wondering what that will do for you. The answer is simple; You can make an informed decision about what kind of geyser you need for you and your loved ones!

Best Geysers (Water Heaters) Under 8000 INR


Bajaj Caldia 25 litre Water Heater

best geysers under 8000

Get your water heating 20% faster with this water heater that operates on Swirl flow technology! You do not have to worry about rust and corrosion as this water heater has an inner tank coating of titanium amour that prevents rusting! The outer body is also made from firm ABS material that prevents rust.

The geyser is perfect for high-rise buildings because it has 8 bar pressure which means it can withstand the pressure up to 8.0 kg\cm2. This water heater puts your safety first with multiple safety measures put in place against overheating, dry heating, and overpressure. This water heater also comes with an adjustable thermostat.

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American Micronic 25-liter Water Heater

best water heaters under 8000

This is the only water heater available in India that has three power modes which are, 800W, 1200W, and 2000W. This water heater can withstand the high pressure of up to 8 bars, making it perfect for multi-story buildings. This appliance is ideal for your bathroom! The inside has titanium enamel glass to fight against corrosion and hard water. It has an IPX4 rating which means that it can resist moisture and water splashes.

Also, this heater is built explicitly for Indian water conditions. This is a smart heater that can preset the temperature of the required water in a range from 30 to 70 degrees. What’s more? This heater has an automatic cutoff function that turns off the heater automatically as soon as it reaches the preset temperature. This is by far one of the Best Geyser (Water Heaters) Under 8000 INR.

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BLOWHOT Electric 25 litre Water Heater

best water heaters under 8000

This device works with 2000W power which enables it to deliver warm water very quickly. It also happens to fit almost anywhere or be mounted on a wall easily. The thermostat allows you to set the cut off temperature from 30 to 75 degrees. Once the water reaches the preset temperature, the heater turns off automatically because it has an AUTO CUT OFF Function.

To save power, the inner coat’s insulation has CFC free PUF to prevent heat loss and resultantly keeping the water hot for a longer time! This water heater can withstand the sure of up to 8kg\cm’ and is thereby suitable for high-rise buildings making it one of the very Best Geysers (Water Heaters) Under 8000 INR!

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AO Smith 25 Litre Water Heater

best water heaters under 8000

This tank has a prolonged lifespan from the onset with Blue Diamond Glass Lining technology that fights corrosion twice as hard as compared to industry standards. It has a thermostat that helps set the water temperature. It also helps the heating element become nonfunctional once it reaches the set temperature. Further, it can support up to 2000W and can handle the pressure of up to 8 bars.

It has a customized alloy that works in different water conditions to protect both the tank and heating element from corrosion. This geyser comes with an efficient Inlet Water Diffuser that breaks incoming water into smaller streams, thereby changing the water flow from vertical to horizontal directions. There are no gaps between the tank and insulation to make sure that there are power-saving and excellent energy efficiency.

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Longway 50 Liter Electric Water Heater

best water heaters under 8000

It is a perfect addition to your home in a multi-story building as it can withstand a pressure of 6.5 bars. This water heater has a thermal cut-out for when the water temperature exceeds its preset limits. Power is then automatically cut out to make sure there is safety. Another safety feature is the safety valve that will automatically relieve pressure and discharge water if, the pressure exceeds the preset limits. It comes with a temperature meter that will show you the hot water available in the water tank.

This is easy to use an appliance that comes with a two-light indicator that shows green when the water reaches the desired limit and red when the water is on running mode. To help prevent rust, the tank’s coating with seven tanks of processed powder. There is an anti-vacuum system to prevent a vacuum from forming in the installations.

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Orient Electric 25L Water Heater

best water heaters under 8000

This is a 2000W water heater that can withstand 6.5 bar pressure. It is a BEE 5 star rated which means that it allows more energy-saving. This water heater made from high-grade stainless steel is very durable! It boasts of a heavy copper heating element with Nickel coating to fight against corrosion. This tank is mounted vertically. It also has a lot of safety features lie, including a pressure release valve, a fusible valve, and an anti-siphon hole. All these features made this geyser includes in the list of best geysers (water heaters) under 8000 INR.

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Crompton Amica 25-Liter Water Heater


If you are searching for one of the best geysers (water heaters) under 8000 INR, this might be your pick! This geyser is perfect with high-rise buildings with its 8 bar pressure and 8.0kg\ cm pressure resistance. This is a heating element made from high-quality, powerful copper which heat the water very fast. It can survive sudden power cuts and differences in voltage. This geyser has a thermostat where you can preset temperatures, and it comes with an automatic cutoff function that turns off the heater automatically when it reaches a preset temperature.

It also comes with a reset knob, talk about double security! The water heater is durable and can even be serviced after many years of use because it is powder coated to build a skin that is rustproof! Another great feature is that this heater has high-quality PUF foam that keeps the water hot for longer, thus increasing efficiency and reducing electricity bills!

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Haier 25-Liter Water Heater


This water heater has a lot of beneficial functions; firstly, it has superior insulation to keep the water hot for longer, thereby making a very efficient energy saver! It comes with an Incoloy heating element which allows for better heating efficiency. It is a shockproof water heater that acts as a resistor between the water and the human body, thereby ensuring your safety. There is RSC technology to make sure there a consistent flow of hot water to make sure you always have hot water!

Another great feature is that this heater has TTS technology to make sure you are always safe through an exact temperature cut off. Take note that, with an 8 bar pressure resistance, this heater is perfect for high-rise buildings. The outer body it’s made from PCM to prevent both rusting and corrosion.

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ACTIVA 50L Water Heater


This is, without a doubt, one of the best geysers (water heaters) under 8000 INR. It is the perfect geyser for a bathroom because it’s made from the best quality, mild steel and anti-corrosive powder dating, which makes it last longer even in a humid bathroom environment. The geyser has a thermal cutoff and a multifunction safety valve to make sure you are always safe! It can support 2000W and has a pressure resistance of 6.5 bars. This water heater is not suitable for high-rise buildings.

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Final Words

Conclusively, these are some very reasonable water heater choices for you! You might be wondering why? These are some of the best geysers (water heaters) under 8000 INR, and that alone makes every one of the very economical choices! What’s more, is that these geysers are all above 20 litres which gives you enough water to do a few different tasks! There are many great choices available for you to choose from. Frankly speaking after being presented with some of the Best Geysers (Water Heaters) Under 8000 INR there is absolutely no reason for you not to own one!

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