Top 10 Chimneys Under 10000 INR

Whenever it comes to cooking, it is hard to maintain the kitchen odor and to prevent it from spreading into the rest of the house. So establishing a good quality Chimney will help you get rid of this odor. It will remove toxic air pollutants from your Kitchen air. Selecting a better one will make your Kitchen look modular and beautiful. In this article, I am sharing the list of Top 10 and best Chimneys under 10000 INR to make your cooking Comfortable and the Kitchen beautiful.

List of Best Chimneys Under 10000 INR

Eurodomo Hood Classy Chimney

best chimneys under 10000

If you are looking for a chimney for a larger kitchen, then Eurodomo HOOD CLASSY Wall Mounted Chimney is the best chimney under 10000. It is made up of Black Glass and Stainless Steel with a powder coating. Its Touch control panel and LED lights to make this chimney easy to operate and its performance efficient. It uses water and Heat to auto clean the collection chamber. Though its actual price is 26,990, it is available at INR 9,700 on Flipkart providing you with a huge 64% discount. It is peaceful as it operates at low noise.

Its T-Shaped Glass look makes it more classy and elegant. It also uses Baffle Filter to separate grease & spice and makes its cleaning easier.

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Hindware Nevio Chimney

best chimneys under 10000

Motion sensor technology makes this chimney awesome and one of the best chimneys under 10000INR. This wall-mounted steel chimney is slim and gorgeous to match your kitchen aesthetics. It comes with two baffle filters. A rust-free and durable oil filter collector makes its cleaning easier. It has thermal auto-clean technology. It uses heat to remove oil and other dirt particles from the chimney. And a brand name like hindware provides you with better warranties and installation facilities. It is suitable for 3- 4 burners. It is efficient in removing odor and providing you with a peaceful environment. Energy-efficient LED lamps make it way more attractive and your kitchen modular.

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Faber Hood Mercury Chimney 

best chimneys under 10000

This rectangular-shaped wall-mounted chimney is elegantly designed. It is made of glass, making it more classy and modern. And if you are looking for a noise-free product, then you should definitely go for this as it works at the noise level of 58db providing you with a noise-free abode. This 90 cm product is suitable to provide you with better suction power. It makes your kitchen oil and smoke-free. Its digital display and touch control panel make its use effortless. It comes with three different speed levels high, medium, and low so that you can adjust its speed accordingly. Its baffle-free filters require only half-yearly cleaning. Once you clean it, you don’t have to worry for the next six months.

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Sunflame Bella Chimney

best chimneys under 10000

You can also go for SUNFLAME BELLA if you are looking for the best chimneys under 10000. It is sleek and stylish to match every kitchen. Its curved tempered glass look makes it more attractive and acts as a protective cover for the touch button control panel. It is supplied with energy-efficient LED bulbs that will light up your kitchen area. Its three-speed fan control feature makes its use convenient and power efficient. Its powerful motor provides better suction capacity and makes it more durable. Chimney’s baffle filters require manual cleaning regularly, and it operates at very low noise. This product is pocket friendly as it is available on Flipkart at only 7,049 INR.

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EURODOMO Hood Indigo Chimney 

best chimneys under 10000

This filterless chimney is one of the most amazing and best chimneys under 10000. It is a feature-rich product as it provides a better smart feather touch control panel. Its gesture sensing operation makes its use simple, effortless, and also enjoyable. Glass material makes it look simple but elegant. It is convenient for a 3 -4 burners kitchen making its environment smoke-free and clean. Its filter less technology makes its cleaning easy and hassle-free. Its auto-clean feature cleanses the collection chamber with a single click. This product is comparably noise-free and way better in eliminating odor from your kitchen. It is easy to install and also comes with an installation kit along with it.

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Hindware Sabina Chimney


Whenever thinking to buy a kitchen appliance HINDWARE is a brand you can rely on. With its powerful motor, this chimney operates at less noise and is also energy efficient. It is compactly designed. Its stainless steel look makes it look stylish, and the glass hood adds more glamour to it. This chimney suits best the kitchen having an area of more than 200 sqft. It provides you with a suitable environment while heavy frying and grilling as its suction capacity are 1100 CMH/m3/h. It is supplied with two energy-efficient LED lamps illuminating your cooking area. Push Control buttons makes its use easy. This lightweight addition is easy to install. It is the most affordable and best chimney under 10000.

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Sunflame Regal Chimney


Sunflame Regal is another one of the excellent and best chimneys under 10000. It has auto clean technology that amazes you by its feature. It cleans the entire chimney with 4th generation infrared heating technology and helps you do that only on a single click. Its pyramid-shaped stainless steel baffle filter separates oil from the air moving inside the chimney. Its ductless feature allows to eliminate the odor but also recirculates the purified air.

This wall-mounted chimney is well-equipped with LED lamps to light up your kitchen. It has three-level speed fan control to make its performance more efficient. To collect oil and other greasy particles, it has rust free and easy to clean metallic tray collector. It makes its cleaning easier. 180W powerful motor makes it more energy-efficient and durable.

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Inalsa Aveo Chimney


This side wall-mounted chimney is compactly and elegantly designed. The curved glass and powdered coating give it a decorative finish. This product is beneficial in removing toxins and airborne viruses from the cooking flame and smoke. It provides you with a healthy and clean environment. It makes the environment fresh by eliminating odors and smells out of your kitchen. The chimney has a powerful suction capacity of 1100cubic feet per minute. It is well supplied with three-speed control settings and two LED lamps. Its efficient annual energy consumption of 84 KWh makes it the most economical one. It works at a very low noise level of 65db. This product comes with full installation material along with it and also provides you with a lifetime warranty. This is the most durable and best chimney under 10000.

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KAFF Jiff Chimney 


This chimney comes with a unique louvred design with 3 glass panels making it the most stylish and best chimney under 10000. Its matt black rust-free coating is like the cherry on the cake, providing it with a sleek and stylish look. It has a full black tempered glass finish. It is designed especially for maximum airflow to eliminate fumes and smoke from your kitchen effectively. This product is supplied with two energy-saving frosted LED lights. Push-button controls make its use and your cooking easy. Its aluminium filter makes the air clean. It operates at a low noise level of 59 dBA (MAX.). Click here to check out the Top Dinnerware Brands in the World 2020.

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Kutchina Tiara Chimney


Kutchina kitchen chimney is another one of the fantastic and best chimneys under 10000 to improve your kitchen appearance. It helps you to get rid of the kitchen smoke and fumes. This chimney makes your kitchen bacteria and virus free. It removes the kitchen odor making your cooking pleasant and peaceful. It has a suction capacity of 800m3/hr. Its third-generation dry auto-clean technology enables you to clean it just by a single click. It uses heating elements to clean the greasy and oily particles present inside the chimney. The chimney has filterless technology, power-saving LED lamps and push-button control. 100% copper winding motor makes it more efficient and durable.

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Now you have the well-featured list of best chimneys under 10000 to go for the one which suits your kitchen aesthetics and also fits your budget too. And when it comes to the kitchen, everyone wants it best, so select the one which will make your kitchen modular. Now make your kitchen healthy for the one doing the kitchen chores. You match your requirements and make your cooking peaceful and hassle-free with these chimneys and enjoy tasty meals.

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