Living Room Accessories which you Must-Have

Living rooms are the most relaxing place in our homes. We get to socialize, house parties and we welcome our guests wholeheartedly in our living spaces. So, we have to showcase our style by decorating our living room. Here in this blog, I am going to share the list of accessories you must have in your living room to enhance its ambience and showcase your styling tips.

Decorating your living room is definitely going to be fun, as you will be spending your precious time in the thin and thick decor of this living space. From painting walls to choosing colours to choose furniture, everything is going to be just a fun time.


List of Accessories for your Living Room

Here are some of the must-have accessories for your living spaces. However, there are many others as well, which I have not mentioned here as it depends on the size of your room. So, let’s get started with the first item.



living room tv

Your living room is to accommodate incoming guests or sometimes to relax by placing your legs on the sofa. So, to keep your guests entertained in your absence for a while, Television should be there in your living room. Avoid placing the TV in the corner, and the best way is to put it on the TV cabinet as it gives a lavish look to your living room.

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painting living room

The living room is an area where we welcome our guests, so the ambience of the place should be welcoming and relaxing. And the look and feel of the freshly painted walls along with beautiful paintings enhance the whole interior of your living room. Choose the paintings wisely to complement the style of your living space.

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Bean Bag

bean bag

I personally love bean bags a lot as they are so light and movable. You can change its place anytime you want. Bean bags are a perfect accessory for extra seating space in your living room. The best thing about these is you can rest your head, neck and back very comfortably on them. And of course, a significant change to your sofa.

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TV Cabinet

tv cabinet

The TV cabinet is another must-have accessory for your living room along with the TV. You can always wall mount your TV, however, if you place it on the cabinet, it definitely, gives a fantastic look to your living room. This TV cabinet comes with storage space so you can put all other essential items in the provided area. And this TV cabinet will blend with any interiors. So, go for it, if you are thinking to but one.

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speakers living room

Speakers are a necessity for music lovers. There are many speakers available which can blend with any interior and you can always choose as per the look and design of your living room. These speakers are must when you want to watch your favorite TV shows or listen to soothing music while relaxing and of course, when you have a house party.

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Curtains or Drapes makes the room environment loving and welcoming and attract your guests. Always prefer to choose bright and eye-catching coloured curtains, so it looks appealing to anyone who visits your living area. Curtains are an excellent way of introducing vibrant colours at your home. Further, it enhances the interiors look.

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sofa for living room

When you think about a living room first thing that comes in mind is a sofa set. The sofa set is the centre of attraction in your living room. It adds glamourous appeal to your living area. It can be used a comfortable seat while watching a game on Sunday afternoon or a plush unit for inviting guests to your place.

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Center Table

center table living room

Choosing a centre table might be a challenging task as it is determined by the size and shape of the sofa. So, research well before spending on the centre table. And always prefer to choose the centre table with a drawer if you have small space in your living area. Also, check out the Must-Have items for your bathroom here.

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Keep your favourite books, novels in this bookshelf and improve the view of your living room. This corner wall bookshelf has a unique design and goes well with your modern living space. Not only books or magazines, but you can also keep small decorative items along as it comes with four very appealing shelves.

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Window Blinds


You must be thinking why spend on window blinds when you have curtains? So, both have their purposes altogether. If you combine them, it adds a more robust style statement to your living area. These blinds can bring out flexible décor, and you can control light in your way.

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Wall Clock


Draw your guests attention by hanging this beautiful vintage wall clock and adorn your living room with this appealing clock effortlessly. And if you consider Vastu, the ideal walls to hang the clock are North, East and North-East as it brings prosperity and good health.

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Carpet or Rugs

carpet living room

Rugs under your sofa are definitely going to brighten up your living space. Who would not want to have a cozy feeling after coming home? So, bring this super-soft textured rug and give your guests a comfortable and inviting feel. It looks appealing and attractive to your guests, and they would appreciate it too, even if they don’t say it all.

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Photo Frames

photo frames

It is best to place or hang your family photographs to give your living room a more welcoming look. Whenever you have any first-time guests at home, your photographs will be their first attractive point, and they might want them all. Apart from the guests, there should definitely be a place at your home where you feel homely by just looking at your own family pictures.

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cushions living room

Pillows or Cushions are prevalent items to keep on your sofas. Even if your sofa is very comfortable, some guests might need to have extra back support or may lie down for a while. Cushions complete the décor of your furniture on which it is placed. And it is an inexpensive way to brightening up your sofa and enhance the look of your living room.

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Candles are not only for romantic date night or romantic dinner with your partner. It does give your living area a cozy, intimate and inviting look. You can place them on a side table or the TV cabinet. You can also turn on the candles and dim the lights whenever you wish to switch on the TV and spend a lovely evening watching your favorite shows. Click here to check on the Home temple Items you should have.

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plants living room

If you are fond of nature and love greenery around, then vibrant, natural green plants are must-have items for your living room. Plants look amazing and can be used as décor items, and they will be a focal point of the room. Anxiety is something that keeps pulling you under no matter how hard you resist. It’s like a bottomless pit of despair that’s really hard to get out of. But there are medications that can treat anxiety. So all hope is not lost. As I found on, you can try Ativan to treat your symptoms of anxiety. And after I tried it, I must say it works wonderfully. This Areca plant or oxygen giving plant is a suitable choice for your drawing room to brighten up its interiors.

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Tray on Table

tray living room

Placing a tray on the centre or sofa table can be really useful to group up the items you are frequently using like a TV remote, your favorite magazine, A coffee Mug, etc. Trays are perfect for adding charm to your living room. To add more lavishness, spend your money on a wooden tray as it gives a great décor piece and your guests will be entertained by just looking at it.

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Table Vase

Flower vase

Table vase is perfect for enhancing the look of your centre table or side table wherever you keep it on. They can also be placed on the cabinet. White coloured vase or a glass vase is definitely a good idea to put in your living area as they give a royal touch and enhances the beauty of interiors. You can also place this kind of vases empty as an adorable piece of décor.

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Side Table

side table living room

Side tables can improve the ambience of your living area. You can place it beside your sofa set or at the corners of the room. They can be used to place your telephone, remotes, small indoor plants, photo frames or small décor items. You can opt for side tables with a drawer to keep keys and other essential items.

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bin living room

Though placing a bin is not a mandatory item and not really an essential one. However, if in any case, you find it necessary, you can choose a beautiful small sized bin to place under the table which does not look like a bin but will solve the purpose definitely.

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Tissue Box

tissue box living room

Dry tissue box or wet wipes is undoubtedly an excellent idea to place on the center table. You can consider it as a civility gesture that whenever your guests want to clean anything up, they won’t have to ask you for it.

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Remote Stand

remote stand living room

Finding a remote is a backbreaking task before switching on the TV. Then, why not spend on remote spend. It is an inexpensive item plus a beautiful stand gives your living room a different look altogether. So, basically, it solves two purposes, easy to find a remote and lavish look to your living space.

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We all know that the living room is the best space to showcase your skills as the person who is coming to your home for the first time will get to see your living area first. You must have heard the first impression is the last impression. This is very true in this case.

So, choose wisely before spending on the accessories for your living room. All the best!

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