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Want to watch a movie? Here we get you the best options via mp4moviez. For all the people who have a special corner for Bollywood drama and series and love to watch them in high definition visuals and audio, mp4 provides them with all the library of movies they wish to watch. This article will make you aware of the vast collection of movie libraries that mp4moviez provides us with.


Mp4moviez is a free movie site that allows us to download and watch our favorite movies without paying for them. Even for awareness, we need not make an account on their site or any other formalities. Whatever you like to watch or which so ever content you search for, like series, serials, movies, and so on. You get a chance to watch everything. You will get to watch their collection on their homepage. Moreover, you can get high definition visuals through mp4. Mp4moviez is known for its vast and remarkable collection.

You can also search for the movie, if you already have selected any, by directly going to their search bar and typing the film’s name. This is an amicable option that will directly take you to your destination.

Mp4moviez provides us with movies of different languages and various genres with a compressed size without affecting the film’s quality. Mp4moviez is safe to watch to an extended level, but since it is all pirated content uploaded without the copyright holder’s permission, which is banned by the constitution, it is not safe to watch.

These sites often get banned by the government as every year economy gets a blow by such activities.
Watching this pirated content is not safe. If you watch movies and someone has access to your location, you will be charged with a penalty, which is considered a crime even abroad.

Is mp4moviez safe to watch?

The answer can be a yes or no, both. Mp4moviez is sometimes safe to watch, but it is a crime to show pirated content. You can get panelized for watching this content, and that amount of money will be much more than your theatre tickets. So it’s not always safe to watch. Along with this, your data can also be hacked by hackers while accessing these sites.

Content of mp4moviez

Mp4moviez provides you with every type of movie you search for, but this is all pirated content. Mp4moviez holds a compressed size of movies, and there must hardly be any movie that will not be present here. With different languages, stories, and genres, this is all copied and stolen content. Other than this, films are divided according to the time and date of release on their homepage.

Piracy and uploading a movie without the copyright holder’s permission is considered an offense and is a punishable crime, and the government doesn’t tolerate this at all. When these sites upload movies, they get blocked due to copyright issues. But they again appear with the same name if you search them. The government has made strict rules against these pirated movies. So these sites are always under the threat of being banned.

Effect of these sites on film producers

When people choose whether to watch a movie for free or pay for it, I am sure they will prefer a free movie. When these movies get uploaded on these sites, people don’t need to appear in theatres, which causes a massive loss to the film producers and the country’s economy as the movie generates comparatively less money and the film business gets affected. Their work gets stolen easily, which is miserable. Also, read here trending men watches under 10,000.

How do they earn?

Since these sites provide movies for free, users have no issues, but they also have to earn one way. So ads help them do this. While watching these movies or surfing through these sites, you get to watch many ads, and the publicity of products is easy in such a way. Also, hackers try to get access to your device while going through these ads, and this information of yours can be misused and sold for return of money. If you stay alert in this case, it will be beneficial to you.

Do you need an ad blocker to use Mp4moviez?

One of the significant drawbacks that these sites have is ads. Ads come in between everything. These ads interrupt your movies and move to different pages; they can catch several other options that disrupt our privacy, which is a huge drawback. So ad blocker is necessary so that these ads stop annoying every time.

Importance of VPN while using these sites.

Since you are watching pirated movies on sites like Mp4moviez, there are several data of yours that need to be secret, like your location, so that no one can get access. VPN can save you from hackers also. So VPN is a must option while accessing sites like these. Click here to check the leading laptops in the year 2021 to watch out these movies.


Hackers also have a part in this piracy content, sites, and your data. While watching these movies, hackers can access your private content stored on your device, and this content is then sold to others which can cause great trouble to you. Hackers are always alert, and whenever they get a chance, they will never skip it. For the money, they can sell your private information.

Alternative sites other than Mp4moviez

  • Fzmoviez
  • Movienet
  • Movies7
  • Hooligans
  • Mp4areana
  • FilmWapi
  • Movievilla
  • Sharespark

What are the other legally safe ways to watch/download movies online?

You can watch movies legally also, and that too for free. Several sites allow us to watch movies for free. Along with this, these sites also have several series and many more things to watch, and if you can watch any of your favorite movies by paying a small amount of money, it’s not a bad deal. Other than this, several other international sites or off-country sites provide us with a safe way to watch our favorite movies without interruption.


Mp4moviez is a fabulous way to enjoy your free time and your movies with a high definition quality and on a plus for free. Still, you need to keep in mind that all this is stolen as they steal others’ work and keep it for free, affecting the economy in several ways. If you get caught while watching these or accessing these websites, you will have to pay a considerable amount of money and get panelized. So stay aware of them. Stay alert that no one gets access to your data other than you because this can put you into severe problems.


This article gives you information about mp4moviez, their advantages and drawbacks, and many more things. We don’t promote these sites personally. Showing or selling pirated movies or watching them is a crime under the Indian Constitution, and we don’t support that.

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