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HDFC Life Term Insurance

Operating since 2000, HDFC Life has been around for over 2 decades. It’s a joint venture between abrdn plc (formerly Standard Life Aberdeen plc) a global investment company and HDFC Ltd.

With passing time, they’re only increasing their presence in the country. Currently, HDFC Life has around 372 branches and a network of partnership tie-ups and touch-points scattered around India.

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Among their 38 individual offerings, term insurance is one of them. They’re specifically designed solutions that cater to various needs of individuals.

Benefits & Features of HDFC Term Insurance Plans

You’ve worked hard your entire life to ensure your family’s financial security. But what if something happens to you that you weren’t expecting? In your absence, who will look after your family’s financial needs? While you can’t anticipate what the future holds, you can ensure their future by taking a few measures today. And a term insurance policy can help in this situation. Below are some of the benefits of purchasing an HDFC Term Insurance policy.

High protection at low premium

Life insurance policies are affordable to a wider population since they provide a high amount of coverage for a low premium. The sooner in life you buy your HDFC term insurance, the lower the premium.
Add ons – Due to the unfortunate type of situation, the policyholder may be incapacitated due to an accident or the diagnosis of a major illness. This affects their ability to earn. To protect yourself against such circumstances, consider adding various add-ons or riders to your HDFC term insurance policy. Examples of certain add-ons tend to involve critical illness protection, and accidental disability rider, etc. A critical illness cover can provide a lump sum payment which would be equivalent to the death benefit if a policyholder is diagnosed with any of the covered major illnesses. The unexpected disability rider ensures that the policyholder receives a monthly basis income equal to a percentage of the sum assured for a set period.
Financial security – The death of the main source of livelihood is not only upsetting, but it also carries about financial liabilities. The HDFC term policy ensures that everyday costs are not affected if the policyholder dies. The remuneration resulting from the insurance policy could be received in the form of a lump sum and also in the form of installment payments to allow the family to deal with their daily expenses.

Tata AIG Car Insurance

TATA AIG is a leading general insurance company which is a joint venture between TATA Group of companies and the American International Group (AIG). The company was established in the year 2000 and it offers a range of general insurance products. The company offers both retail and commercial general insurance plans. Whether it is health insurance, motor insurance, fire insurance, etc. the company has all the solutions.

Facts about TATA AIG Car Insurance Plans

Here are some interesting facts about TATA AIG car insurance plans –

Third party coverage for bodily injury or death


Third party coverage for property damage

Up to INR 7.5 lakhs

Cashless garages

More than 7500 across India

Number of add-ons


Online purchases

In 3 simple steps

Car insurance policies are mandatory for your car as specified under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. These policies protect the interest of individuals if they suffer from any loss due to your car. TATA AIG also offers car insurance policies to its customers. Let’s understand the facets of TATA AIG’s car insurance policies –

Features and benefits of TATA AIG car insurance policies:

  • TATA AIG offers multiple types of car insurance policies. You can opt for one year or long term coverage as per your needs.
  • Both comprehensive as well as liability only coverage is offered by the company
  • A range of add-ons are available with car insurance plans for customising your coverage
  • The company offers round-the-clock claim assistance service

Benefits of TATA AIG car insurance plans

Here are the main benefits that you can avail from TATA car insurance plans –

  • Trusted legacy

    TATA AIG motor insurance plans are backed by a solid legacy of 150+ years as well as the security offered by the TATA Group of companies. Moreover, TATA AIG has been operational for more than 20 years and understands the Indian insurance market perfectly.

  • Customer-centric approach

    TATA AIG believes in putting you, the customer first. The company tries to anticipate your expectations and design solutions that meet such expectations. This customer-centric approach has resulted in more than 5 crore customers that have benefited from TATA car insurance plans.

  • Expert claim assistance

    TATA AI believes in delivering a high performance so that it can win consumer trust. As such, the company has engaged more than 650 claim experts to help you with your TATA AIG car insurance policy. With the help of these claim experts, you can get a fast and hassle-free settlement of your car insurance claims. Moreover, these experts guide you through the different steps of the car insurance claim process so that your claim is processed smoothly.

  • Experienced professionals

    TATA AIG believes in providing fair and professional services to its consumers. As such, its employees are experienced and performance-driven individuals who aim to provide complete insurance services with the utmost integrity.

Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance

Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company was established in the year 2008 as a joint venture between Canara Bank, HSBC Insurance Holdings Limited and Punjab National Bank. Canara Bank holds a majority stake of 51% in the company followed by HSBC Insurance Holdings at 26% and Punjab National Bank at 23% and has over 20,000 partner bank branches. The company, therefore, has the backing of some of the leading names in the financial sector. The company’s headquarters are located in Gurugram and it is spread all over India with 40 branches in the major cities.

Why choose Canara Bank HSBC life insurance?

Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance Company has various factors which work in its favour and make it a good choice for life insurance. Some of the key achievements of Canara HSBC Life Insurance Company are as follows –

  1. The company has started using Straight Through Processing (STP) underwriting rules wherein policy issuance is done digitally within a short period of time
  2. Within five years of being operational, the company registered its first profit of INR 23.5 crores in the financial year 2012-13
  3. The company has won the Life Insurance Company of the Year Award 2020 at the India Insurance Summit and Awards 2020
  4. In the year 2019, the company also won Asia’s Most Trusted Company Award from the Indian region
  5. As of 31st March 2021, the company’s Assets under Management stood at INR 21,900 crores showing a strong financial foothold
  6. Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance was awarded “Best Video Content in an Influencer Marketing Campaign” in 2021

Benefits of Canara HSBC OBC life insurance plans

Here are some distinct advantages of investing in Canara HSBC OBC life insurance plans –

  1. The company recorded an individual death claim settlement ratio of 97.1% in the financial year 2020-21 showing that the company is trustworthy when it comes to claiming settlements
  2. The company has a range of insurance plans for meeting individual as well as group insurance needs. As of 31st March 2020, the company’s product portfolio had a total of 32 insurance products
  3. The company offers various tools and calculators so that you can find out the optimal level of coverage that you need for your financial goals
  4. The plans of the company have exhaustive coverage benefits and affordable premiums thereby allowing you the best of coverage at the best of rates

Travel Insurance Online

What is travel insurance?

A travel insurance policy is one which covers the financial losses that you might suffer when you are travelling. Travel insurance plans cover you for the duration of your trip and help you meet with financial emergencies that you might face on such a trip.

Features of travel insurance

Here are some notable features which you can find in travel insurance policies –

  1. There are different types of travel insurance plans available in the market. Each type of plan caters to a particular type of trip that you are undertaking
  2. The sum insured is expressed in US Dollars and ranges from $25,000 to $500,000
  3. The coverage duration is the duration of your trip
  4. If you are travelling to Schengen countries, buying travel insurance would be a must
  5. The premiums for travel insurance policies are very low

Benefits of Travel Insurance Policy

Here’s the list of features and benefits of the travel insurance policy;

1. All Medical Emergencies Are Covered

Unfortunate events can occur at any time, and the chances of them being health-related are higher. Imagine being stranded in a distant country with your family in such a predicament. Make sure you get comprehensive coverage that covers both in-patient and out-patient medical costs.

2. Loss of Checked Baggage and Loss of Passport coverage

Consider the situation of a person who arrives in a completely new location only to discover that his luggage has been lost or a person who loses his passport while travelling. You don’t want to find yourself in this scenario! Make sure you have travel insurance that includes coverage for these scenarios.

3. You’ll be Covered in the Event of a Personal Accident.

It’s critical to make sure your travel insurance covers you in the event of bodily harm or death as a result of an accident.

4. Covers you in the event of Trip Cancellation or Curtailment

Consider the case of a family member who becomes ill unexpectedly. You cannot travel until your travel plans are finalised. Make sure your travel insurance covers you in the event of last-minute trip cancellation or curtailment.

5. Cover for Luggage

Traveling entails a lot of luggage! While visiting your cousins in Canada, you might pack a few items, or buy something for your mother back home if you are strolling in Rome, or even buy a gorgeous piece of clothing for your partner while on a business trip to London. If you lose any luggage, the finest travel insurance package should cover you.

6. Legal Liabilities Insurance

While travelling to a foreign country, you may encounter situations that necessitate legal assistance. You may also require the assistance of a lawyer in such a case. This is something that the finest travel insurance plan should be able to supply. It should protect you from any legal ramifications in a foreign country.

7. Hassle-free

Finally, the finest travel insurance in India should be straightforward to purchase, understand, and use in an emergency. Included and excluded items should be clearly specified and understandable. You should also be able to contact your insurance quickly if you require assistance.

Short Term Workers Comp Insurance

What is Short Term Workers’ Compensation?

To better understand Workers’ Compensation, it is important to understand who is considered an employee in the State of Indiana. The Indiana WC statute defines an employee as follows:

“Employee means every person, including a minor, in the service of another, under any contract of hire or apprenticeship, written or implied, except one whose employment is both casual and not in the usual course of the trade, business, occupation, or profession of the employer.”

Workers’ Compensation is a type of insurance that benefits both employers and employees. Its purpose is to compensate people who have been injured or disabled while at work, including those who have developed occupational diseases. When I was diagnosed with a panic disorder, I thought to myself that’s it. I felt that I would never be able to function properly, as was the case for the last one year. The doctor said I should change lifestyle and try some exercise. However, I was doing my best already on both fronts. is how I learned about Valium and its effects against panic attacks. I started taking 3 mg three times per day, and I feel much better. I still struggle to get out of bed, but I never missed an appointment or day at work since. The Indiana Workers’ Compensation Act was passed in 1915 and is run by the 7 member Workers’ Compensation Board, all of whom are attorneys appointed to 4-year terms by the governor.

Employers benefit from having workers’ comp insurance for their employees because it removes the possibility of lawsuits. Without the insurance, workers could sue their employers for lost wages and medical benefits, but with the insurance, these benefits are paid.

Workmen Compensation Policy

Every company in India is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. The employer is obligated to pay compensation in the event of an unpleasant incident such as an accident or the death of an employee while on the job. Worker’s compensation insurance protects the company from this kind of risk.

The Workmen’s Compensation Insurance Policy covers your legal duty for compensating your employees for bodily injury or death resulting from accidents or occupational diseases that occur while they are on the job.
Workmen’s compensation insurance is the most common way for a business to demonstrate its ability to meet the worker’s compensation statutes’ duties.

Its compensation paid under the Workmen’s Compensation Act of India, which is overseen by the Ministry of Labour.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Benefits

Workers’ compensation insurance covers your employees if they suffer an injury or illness at work. Most states require this sort of insurance, and companies are responsible for purchasing and providing it to their employees.

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